May 9, 2021


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IPL has failed to ignore the dangerous signs of India’s crisis in Covid | Cricket

Ineit’s best to let people ask you why you stopped something and not why it took you so long. This is a powerful law that applies to retirees, sports, especially politicians, musicians, actors and others alike.

Being punctual is one thing. And the Indian Premier League, which was suspended for the second time on Tuesday, completely failed in this calculation.

From the beginning, time was running out, the signs were large letters, but they were not overlooked. Combining competitive sports – eight teams with players, coaches, assistants – and chasing them without any problems is a challenge in the best of times.

This is it the worst times in India, and death and destruction are everywhere. Eliminating this type of competition without major damage is still impossible. This is something that should be accepted even by strong and aspiring people who are running cricket. And yet it was not.

There are good reasons for this. The power that exists in India needs to show that anything can be overcome. The program of the costs involved actually mean everyone involved, directly or indirectly, should say that all was well to give the training reasons that this year are expected to make $ 318m for Indian cricket.

But, like 2021 IPL had to be established, was there a better way to do it?

He had previously competed in the United Arab Emirates, as was the case last year. Protocols in this region are more prevalent than in India, and the prevalence of disease and recovery from the Covid-19 epidemic was strongly influenced there.

If the tournament was to be held in India, and there was no valid reason to do so as the matches would be played in empty stadiums, what is the best way to do this? Arriving in March, regulators said the tournament would be played only in Mumbai and Pune.

Mumbai has two international cricket venues, Wankhede Stadium and Brabourne Stadium, and DY Patil Stadium which has hosted IPL matches. In addition, there are a number of factors that can be used as a basis for teaching and learning. Land in Pune, especially in the Gahunje area, is probably an hour’s drive from DY Patil Stadium.

IPL has been suspended amid coronavirus infections in India.
IPL has been suspended amid coronavirus infections in India. Photo: Vipin Pawar / Sportzpics for IPL

The same two-passenger machine would be able to fit in very rigid, unmanned aircraft.

But those ideas were ignored. Supervisory Board of Cricket in India did not say why this happened, but it is possible to imagine. The ground that was given the most matches in the IPL 2021, including the play-offs and finals, was Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.

This is the starting point for the BCCI secretary, Jay Shah, in the home of the current Prime Minister, whose stadium was recently renovated. How would you feel about offering the most important, most important match of all time, if you were to play the game elsewhere?

That said, it appears the dice roll has not paid any money to the BCCI. The next Twenty20 World Cup is set to be played in India in October and November this year. Properly set up IPL at home had to be a way to make sure everything was in order. Or it could be during this time.

All is not well. While it doesn’t look like there will be any news about the Twenty20 World Cup right away, it’s hard now to see the International Cricket Council repeating what happened in the IPL: a ban, or suspension if you wish, in the middle of an event.

The IPL is the son of BCCI so it can do whatever it wants, even if the results are not very good, but international events like the Twenty20 World Cup are not just one country. You can be sure that Cricket Australia and England and the Wales Cricket Board will be richly endowed, especially since BCCI has now given them a staff to use.

Meanwhile, the end of the 2021 IPL means that cricket fans in India will have to find something to do with every night. Just last week, Hemang Amin, the head of the IPL, was telling teams that they were playing “humanity” and that the bubble they were in there was very safe.

The problem with foam is that it is not designed to last long. The longer they go, the more likely it is that they will explode. What’s left now is to see how foreign players who have come to the IPL – open-minded, with heads full of dreams and millions – are coping with the fall and returning home safely.

The IPL says it will do everything possible to restore their return – but, at the end of the day, even the IPL will not be as strong as it thinks.