May 9, 2021


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Irish League reaction: “Congratulations to Linfield” – Cholera star admits defeat to Lane boss agrees to controversial punishment

Colorado hero Stephen Lori Linfield has congratulated Brazil on its upcoming League Cup triumph after eight points.

Hats and Glentoran were held to a 1-1 draw by Oval, thanks to a victory over the Crusaders.

They have only won once in their last three games – or two draws – to win the 55th World Cup for the 55th time in a row.

And for former Blues midfielder Lorraine, the gap is now too big for his side to win.

“Without a doubt,” he said. We have to pay tribute to Linfield in the past. They look like they are going to win a trophy, so congratulations to them and to themselves.

It was Lori who broke the deadline for Ovalwe to cancel the opening of the Rawidry Donnelly to give the Banditsers a point.

This could be crucial for the European Championships, which are the only second place in the Europa League.

“It’s a cat and a mouse between us and Glenn,” he said. “We have three games left, three very difficult games and three very difficult games. We all know about the windfall in Europe and how important it is for clubs like Cholera and Glentiran. There are so many things to play. We are still strong but we are not home and we are busy with any stretch.

“Losing tonight made it difficult for us to play the last three games (but) we are still ahead of them and they are all playing for us now.

“In a short time we have played Glentiran three times and we have played in all three games before we were drawn. We have shown good manners. I think tonight is the worst performance of the three. I’m not saying we’re going to play badly, but I think Glenterran is coming stronger. They rotated their team well. We do not have the luxury of a large group. We played a lot of the same players but he never knew when this team was beaten. We get that much from the administrator; He gives us great confidence. Teams don’t like to play us, we are hard to beat. ”

With just four points behind Glenn, they have a two-goal deficit with TVX’s Lynch Laren, who beat Cliftonville 2-1 at the Solitaire 2-1 on two penalties.

In the third place, it was important for Inver Park’s side to continue their quest for an automatic European spot (if one of them is to lift the Irish Cup).

Among the issues to be discussed was Dylan Moteliti-Henry, who was convicted by Daniel Shar Andrews by Daniel Carses, and the second decision was divisive.

“I thought it was a punishment. “I thought he was holding his back leg. That’s the punishment when it happens in the box, thank you. ”

It is only the second time in Lauren’s 2019 campaign that he has won seven meetings with the Reds and he will pay the boss a one-on-one penalty on the same ground.

“Because we learned then, we knew it would be a very different game from the last time we came here,” he said. We proved to be very strong. We were so open-minded that we were punished earlier. We knew it was going to be a different game, and that was fun.

We have done very few. Every time we scored the second goal, they threw us into the kitchen sink, but we stood still and tried to play as much as we could.

Elsewhere, Glennavon came three points adrift of Belmanna United in the final qualifiers, beating their Derby rivals Portwood 4-1.

United continued their chase with a 4-0 win over Carrick in the Horn of Africa.

“Every game is important,” he said. We need to win and achieve goals because it can lead to goal difference.

United’s goal difference is now 16 goals better than Lurgan Blues.

After Role Carroll’s free-kick, Brandon Doell and Burundian Doyle won again, giving Glennavo’s victory to move Warren point Portland to ninth.

“You know what you’re going to get with Roy,” said scorer Barry Gray. He is a senior guard with many years of experience. He used all that night to calm things down and stay away from them. Thank you for being in the right place at the time of Brandon, not the best punishment we have ever seen.

It shows how hungry we are for three consecutive victories to enter another Irish Cup.