Is Broncos GM George Paton just John Elway 2.0? The quarterback is still in trouble. So is depth. Secondary. And the offensive line.

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If Broncos fans think the bottom of the AFC West standings is depressing, look at everyone at the top for a second. Browse a single common item.

Buffalo? Franchise quarterback. Baltimore? Franchise quarterback. Cincy-crazy-nati? Franchise quarterback. Chargers? Raiders? Franchise quarterback. Franchise quarterback.

Dallas? Green Bay? Tampa? Arizona? Los Angeles Rams? Quarterback, quarterback, quarterback, quarterback, quarterback. Not Trent Dilfer or Brad Johnson in the group. Or a Sam Bradford.

everyone? role play. Including everyone at the UCHealth Education Center.

For Broncos general manager George Paton, the honeymoon is over. Completed. all ok. At 3-3 after a 3-0 start, the illnesses that plagued the Broncos squad aren’t all that different from what we whined about last Halloween.

It all feels like John Elway 2.0, right? Bottom offensive line game. Secondary brain cramps. A head coach and an offensive coordinator who stupidly flagged who takes out a pen. A playmaker who can’t play from behind.

Yes, but Teddy Bridgewater’s…

Hold on, hold on. I said Bridgewater was the best, most capable option.) your alternative is Drew Lock; and b.) you have a defense that can win matches that he hasn’t won.

Now that Steady Teddy doesn’t have a b., Fangio’s continued employment is like an even bigger slap against Broncos Country.

Boss popped out a whopper $40.3 million to secondary player this season, According to Given a choice, would you rather have Justin Fields or Mac Jones learning the NFL ropes right now in Dove Valley? Or Patrick Surtain II running around in Orange and Blue, watching helplessly as rival quarterbacks continue to burn their teammates?


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