Is Cynthia Nixon’s Miranda coming out and just like that …?

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Regardless of the fact that Miranda canonically married a man and had a son with him, she always read as queer. The woman was married in a velvet-maroon costume to cry out loud! Of course, it’s ridiculous to add queer readings to clothing in 2021, but when we think of “Sex and the City” and its historically clunky attempts to address queerness, the stereotypical “queer” aspects of Miranda of 1998 are -2004 so much more visible through a 2021 lens.

Sorry for those who love her husband, Steve (he’s probably the best of all SATC men, for what it’s worth it), but if my Gaydar is right, Miranda comes up with “And Just Like That. . “

The first trend is a moment in the trailer where a woman at a subway station touches Miranda’s arm (SANS WEDDING RING !!!) with a glowing smile. Miranda’s face looks pleasantly surprised at the touch, in the backpack of the woman touching her arm? Large rainbow spot.

Sure, this could be an innocent moment between two friends, but with Carrie’s story of “life is full of surprises”, it’s hard not to see this moment as Miranda realizes something in herself. Later in the trailer, there is a shot of Miranda and the mysterious subway woman (Dr. Nya Wallace played by Karen Pittman) walking in Central Park with coffee and very different clothes, and lets us know that these two met again after this train interaction . .. is this crazy friend or something deeper?