Is it safe to travel abroad this summer?


As the government prepares to announce the start and end of an international tour, Boris Johnson urged Britons to be careful when planning overseas celebrations.

More information is expected in the coming days as the current ban on foreign holidays will be eased on May 17. But a group of MPs has warned that there will be stricter restrictions on travel in the UK to prevent “third-generation covandes”.

What else did the MPs say?

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Coronavirus Yesterday, the Minister called for a halt to the new influx of cholera virus to the country, “discouraging all necessary travel overseas and introducing strong protection against CVD-19 on the UK border.”

The team said that the airports provided evidence that airports were “breeding grounds” for the virus, adding that people from various Cov countries were “joining in crowded halls”.

Immigration Services Union Lucy Morton said border workers were looking at about 100 fake Cove test certificates a day, “often with spelling errors, and the current system is largely based on faith,” he said.

Another witness, Dr. Gabriel Scali, a public health expert, said that between 5% and 10% of PCRs. He said the number of imported covariated mutations could be very high, as investigations confirm the differences, adding that the analysis would take “several weeks”.

Concluding the findings, Dr Philip Whitford, vice-chairman of the Scottish National Party, said:

What is Boris Johnson advising?

“We want to do a little bit on the opening of May 17, but I don’t think the people of this country want to spread disease,” he told reporters during a visit to Hartle pool yesterday. If we continue to open it, of course I am not and we must be very, very hard, and we must be as careful as we can.

Johnson: “Tory MPs and Travel Industry Leaders’ Extremely Caution” Immediately Charged TelegraphThe Prime Minister’s comments came as the European Commission recommended that the EU open its borders to vaccinators, said Interior Minister Charles Hayman.

Which countries have access to green light?

The government is expected Declaration of traffic light system If you are traveling to a “green list” country for travel, British people are safe by crossing the quarantine number. Travelers returning from the “Amber List” must stay home for ten days, while those returning from the “Red List” will be forced to stay in a government-sanctioned hotel.

Telegraph The green list is expected to be limited to “a few” countries, including Gibraltar, Israel, Iceland, and Malta, and may include popular holiday destinations such as Spain, Greece, France, and Italy.

“Portugal is the only European holiday destination to have the green list on May 17,” the paper said. However, the newspaper added, new countries could be added to the safe list every three weeks.

Neil Ferguson, a government adviser from Imperial College London, told BBC Radio 4 Today If the rate of infection in a country like France or Italy is the same as in the UK, there is no risk of “overseas travel”

He added: “They are at risk of re-infection as they travel from very low levels of infection to places like the UK and to very high levels of infection.”


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