May 9, 2021


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Is Meghan Merkel pregnant with twin girls?

Is Meghan Merkel Pregnant with twin girls? He and Prince Harry Expect to raise their family by two kids, not one? These are just some of the questions people are asking because of an upcoming article in the May 2021 issue of Star Magazine. The article is the cover story that tells when Prince Harry was in the UK for his grandfather’s funeral; He confirmed the news of the soon-to-be-born twin daughter. Neither Prince Harry nor Meghan Merkel has publicly stated what they expect Twins There are many reasons to doubt the validity of the story.

First, Meghan Merkel did not reveal her due date but said she was looking forward to this summer. It is believed that he has entered his last quarter Pregnancy , She doesn’t look unusually big in her recent photos. When a woman carries twins, she often appears larger than a single pregnancy. You’ll see a recent photo of Meghan Merkel taken in April and she rarely looks like she’s carrying multiple babies.

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Another reason the report turned out to be false is that sources said Meghan Merkel felt better than she did during her pregnancy while carrying baby Artie. Many overweight women experience extreme morning sickness. Since Meghan Merkel has already given birth to a single and is known to be feeling less, not more, the chances of morning sickness are very low that she is multiple times pregnant.

Nevertheless, the source is quoted as reported in Star Magazine as follows.

Meghan is expecting not one but two children – she has two twin daughters. Palace staff whispered Harry Kate and he informed William and encouraged the two of them to talk. This announcement certainly helped to heal the divisions between them.

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Below you will find the latest pictures of pregnant Meghan Merkel.

What do you think of Star Magazine’s report? Do you believe that Meghan Merkel is pregnant with twin girls?

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