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Is Stephen A. Was Smith right to kick out NBA players due to lack of Black coaches?


Stephen A. Smith slams NBA players over lack of black coaches sports takes and news | toothletic.com

Stephen A. Smith walked off the set of his ESPN show on Wednesday when discussing the lack of attention NBA players are giving black head coaches and team officials throughout the league. Smith, who has Opposition to Hiring Steve Nasho And signing Tim Tebow asked, “Where the hell were they?” When discussing why black players, who make up 70% of the league’s roster spots, are no more vocal about the fact that only seven of the 30 jobs available are black coaches. Is Stephen A. Smith was right to call out NBA players like last week; Or is Smith merely observing what others have been saying for a year now, that players will only speak on issues that directly affect them, yet set aside other issues they consider unimportant?

Fans and media following the NBA have seen player boycotts and protest events from across the country over the past year. Some of those events nearly called off last year’s playoffs because a group of players led by LeBron James wanted to break out of the NBA bubble rather than continue playing.

The “Black Lives Matter” logo was added to every court while the NBA completed the playoffs in Orlando last year; Still, if you listen to Stephen A. Smith, players like LeBron James haven’t taken that cause to an area that’s been controversial for him for a long time.

On his ESPN show “First Take” Wednesday, Stephen A. Smith said, in part:

“…when we talk about Steve Nash and Tim Tebow and Brad Stevens… I want to call out NBA players… you have something to say about everything else, where are you!? Steve Nash has never coached at any level, and not only does he get the job, but he also gets the job with the full support of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, who never insisted that a black candidate be a black candidate. be interviewed. “

Smith continued to add:

“NBA players are some of the most powerful people in this world. When have they spoken for Black coaches? When!? When have they spoken for black officers!!? General Manager, President of Basketball Operations, when has this happened? LeBron. All that. All. where were they? !!”

Smith also posted on Twitter where he posted:

“I’m not going to lie. I get annoyed when these things happen – only to see Black athletes say nothing – knowing opportunities like these don’t occur to us. So much for being WOKE. “

It’s the dilemma that NBA players have thrown themselves into the hands of rogue police officers after protesting the death of George Floyd and others: Now that they’ve talked about one issue, they’ve got to talk about all the issues. would be expected to speak up, and by not doing so, they are seen as disorienting the crowd by only addressing the issues that are best for their brand, rather than standing up to do the right thing.

Just as a billionaire who donates to one charity but doesn’t is often questioned, NBA players are now being asked “why our cause doesn’t deserve your attention,” especially when that cause What’s happening in their game and influence people they know and interact with professionally and personally.

Many fans were turned off by athletes kneeling during the national anthem before the Games because they wanted the Games to be a turning point from society’s ills, not a mirror reflecting them back. NBA ratings suffered due to fans’ disapproval of actions taken by players, and the league removed the “Black Lives Matter” logo from courts when teams returned to their home grounds for this season. Now, as he is right, Stephen A. Smith is upset that NBA players are not speaking up for themselves within the game by not promoting the recruitment of Black coaches and front office officials into the league. The bigger issue Smith is troubled by, however, is that athletes are picking and choosing which battles to fight, and so far, it appears that they are championing only those who are in their best interests. are in.

It is doubtful that there will be protests over Brad Stevens is being promoted by the Boston Celtics Smith’s cry for the job that Danny Ange left last week is valid because more NBA players should be upset that the franchise didn’t even talk to anyone else before making the move. Now, as some coaching positions open up, Smith is only looking for voices who spoke about issues outside the game to address those within the NBA.

I credit Steven A. Smith for speaking his mind and calling on the athletes he knows and covers as part of his job, because by doing so he has used his influence to make a positive difference within the NBA. Use them to focus on . So far, though, his plea has been met with silence, to the surprise of people like me that Smith is the only one… why?


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Is Stephen A. Was Smith right to kick out NBA players due to lack of Black coaches? | toothletic.com

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