Isolation UK Activists Clash With A Motorist On M25

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Isolation UK Activists Clash With A Motorist On M25
Isolation UK Activists Clash With A Motorist On M25

Insulation British activists clashed with drivers this morning as they once again violated a court order to strike in the heart of London. SurgeZirc UK reports.

Protesters targeted the Old Street roundabout and again the M25.

Many protesters, who have been strongly condemned for their activities in recent weeks, sat at the roundabout carrying banners.

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After a massive public outcry, activists have reduced their working methods in recent days and have chosen not to block ambulances on life-saving journeys.

Protesters returned to the M25, the center of their protest, in defiance of a court order banning further demonstrations.

Two of the activists were scolded by an angry mother whose daughter was late for school due to a car accident.

The visibly upset mother was caught in an LBC movie cursing at the protesters.

“It’s backing up because all you care about is insulating the houses.”

“My daughter is late for school, you are busy with the education of children because you are selfish.”

“I hope you got this on camera, I think it’s a disgrace.”

However, the activists held their positions without moving.

Liam Norton, spokesperson for Insulate UK, said: “This is not a cause, it’s about our children dying before they get old. It’s not about protest, it’s about doing whatever it takes to protect future generations. We want to be clear, this campaign will continue until the government makes a meaningful statement that we can trust, if that happens we will be out of the way like a bullet.”

The confrontation came after more than 100 protesters were served an injunction against roadblock protests at the Supreme Court.

“We are responding to two protests blocking roads this morning. “Met police, activists are disrupting traffic around the Old Street junction.”

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“They’re also disturbing drivers at Junction 25 of the M25. We’re on the scene and working quickly to get traffic moving.”

“We know that some activists are using superglue to frustrate our efforts and further delay Londoner’s efforts.”

“We are training for these scenarios and have expert teams on hand to remove people and make arrests. We will share more information soon.”

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