Israel announces arrest of Hamas one day after deadly gun attack

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Israel’s internal security agency said that in recent weeks it has arrested more than 50 members of a Hamas cell in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem who were involved in planning an attack on the Israelis.

The announcement comes a day after a Hamas gunman opened fire near a flashpoint sanctuary in Jerusalem’s Old City, killing an Israeli and injuring four others.

Shin Bet said it has uncovered the Hamas cell in the West Bank in recent weeks and has planned several attacks in the West Bank, Jerusalem and Israel.

It was stated that the militants were “trying to establish a terrorist infrastructure and seized money, weapons, weapons and materials to prepare explosives”.


Israeli prime minister Naftali Bennett ordered security forces to remain vigilant to prevent further attacks following Sunday’s incident (Abir Sultan/Pool via AP)

Eliyahu Kay, 26, an Israeli, who was killed in Sunday’s attack, was buried in Jerusalem on Monday. At least one other person injured in the attack remained in the hospital.

The attacker was identified as a 42-year-old Palestinian man from East Jerusalem, a Hamas member. He was shot dead by the police at the scene.

Hamas, an Islamic militant group seeking the destruction of Israel, praised Sunday’s attack and confirmed that the attacker was one of its members.

However, there was no information on whether the attack was carried out by the group or the attacker acted alone.

Israel and Hamas have fought four times since Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip in 2007, last 11 days in May.

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