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Israel-Gaza riots: Street battles erupt in cities where Jews and Arabs live | World News


Fear of the Gaza Strip and Terror for the Communities in Southern Israel This is the real focus of the recent conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

The rockets continue to fly from Gaza and continue to fall into the Gaza Strip.

But this renewed conflict, the bitter history behind it, and the poisonous politics gave birth to something else.

Over the past two nights, large numbers of people have tried in the cities of Israel.

Israeli security forces monitor the night shift in Lod

Unusual, violent and horrific videos are flooding Israeli social media.

They show Israeli Arabs and Israeli Jews in street battles.

Shows a video of an Israeli Arab being attacked by a group of Israeli Jews in Bat Yam, near Tel Aviv.

Another video shows a bloodied man lying on the floor repeatedly slapping his face.

A car bomb has exploded in the Israeli city of Lode on May 12, 2021, amid heavy fighting between Israeli and Gaza militants.
Unusual, violent and horrific videos are flooding Israeli social media

Another shows stones being thrown at an Arab store.

In the northern city of Akro, they set fire to one of the country’s most famous restaurants, Uri Burri (ridiculously a symbol of coexistence).

In the city of Lode, Jews in Israel told me that Arab gangs had broken into Jewish cars in the city and tried to throw stones at police.

But they told me that it was the Jews who started the youth in the corner of the burning cars owned by the Arabs.

In the wake of the deadly clashes between Israeli and Gaza militants and on May 12, 2021 in Jerusalem, people marched on a burning vehicle in the town of Lod in Israel between Israeli Arab protesters and police.
Cars of people on both sides of the aisle were destroyed in days of fighting

Started by anyone, the point is that there are mass protests in cities across the country.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is full of everything and he is right.

It can end the conflict in Gaza with one command. It may take days or weeks but it is in the gift.

But such hatred on the streets of Israel – that makes it even more so. The deep differences of this country are well known and have been dangerously exposed in the last few days.

Remember – what is happening here is not a misunderstanding between the Jews in Israel and the Palestinians in the West Bank.

This is the violence in the cities of Israel, where people of different cultures and religions live together.

Arabs are Israeli citizens (Palestinians) Israelis who were not forcibly evicted from Israel during the Nakaba in 1948.

Some 700,000 Philistines were displaced during Israel’s “war of liberation,” but some survived.

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What is the Iron Dome of Israel?

Living together in these cities took only a few days.

Mr. Netanyahu visited some cities in broad daylight and described the conflict as “unbearable.”

It is something we cannot accept, it is chaos. Nothing justifies …

But is he reaping what he sows? Israel’s right-wing nationalism developed as he tried to build a coalition. And the more difficult the Palestinian / Arab nationalism line, the more it realizes the atrocities committed against the Palestinians.

Rockets from Gaza hit Israeli cities again overnight. And the Israelites retaliated once more.

Behind all of this, long-divided land is now under intense stress.

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