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It’s amazing! The reversal of CDC on masks is slipping through the leaves of states, businesses are slipping


If you go to Starbucks or Target, bring your mask. But if you swing with a jerk, you can leave it in the car as you have been vaccinated. That is, if you take public transportation to get there, you will need to hide for the trip.

The new CDC proposal also raises serious questions: Do employers require vaccination certification before an employee can wear a mask? Should businesses ask customers to provide proof after logging in? Can young people who are eligible for the vaccine be denied immunizations without a mask?

Governors said they had 24 plans and the District of Columbia had the same general government mask at the time of the announcement, but had not been notified in advance.

“We were just as surprised by the CDC announcement as we were – the new Hampshire Rep.

Gov. Janet Mills, of Maine, said she was “eager” to hear from the CDC how the vaccine was administered to people who had not been vaccinated. But until Friday Mills was on board and the state announced it would accept the CDC directive as a state policy.

Many health experts say that more Americans are being cautious about expecting new masks to be fully vaccinated. About 36% of the American population is vaccinated, and the rate of shooting has decreased.

“I think it’s wise to wait until July 1 for all volunteers (ages 12 and older) to get a full vaccination,” said Lynn Marr, a Virginia Tech virus spreader.

“I’m still shocked by the CDC’s decision,” said Dr. Lina Wayne, an emergency physician at the University of Washington, a public health emergency and a visiting health policy and administration professor at the University of Washington.

The White House also said it did not know exactly what the new advice would be, and the CDC concluded without political pressure. Only “a few” people in the White House were aware of the proposal on Wednesday night.

“The White House was only told to confirm the decision,” Paszaki told reporters on Friday.

Asked what the CDC’s directive for BDN’s executive order to wear masks on federal property is, Psaki said it could take a few days for all the changes to take place, but she expects “the directive will be a guide.”

We are working to implement those [guidelines] On the part of the government, ”he said.

Many giant chain stores also seem to be surprised that mask orders will remain in place until they review the new recommendations and find out which businesses can offer local obligations.

“These conflicting positions have put retailers and their employees in a very difficult position,” said Lisa Labrano, executive vice president of the Association of Retail Industry Leaders.

The CDC has defended the new guidelines as a natural step forward, based on new scientific evidence, including new studies that show that vaccines are effective against the virus and that it does not cause symptoms. The CDC also estimates that 12-year-olds are now eligible for immunizations, according to the death toll and the recent decision by regulators.

“We’ve got a lot of scientific integration in just the last week,” said CDC director Dr. Roel Wallace, telling reporters what has changed in the last 16 days since the agency’s last announcement.

According to the new recommendations, fully vaccinated people should feel safe to remove their masks in all situations, both at home and in public. The guidelines suggest that masks should still be worn on airplanes, trains and buses, as well as in homeless shelters, hospitals, and prisons.

Although the CDC insisted that the decision was based on science, it did not appear to be ready to answer the questions that came with it. In one Interview According to Walensky, with the NRR ‘all things considered’, the advice will inspire a review of another policy.

What we really need to do as an agency is to narrow down all our guidelines not only for travel but also for schools and camps and child care centers as well as for all the guidance we have there. Let the work we expect in the agency be work in the weeks ahead. ”Wallensky told N.P.

John Brownstein, chief innovator at Boston Children’s Hospital and a contributor to ABC News, said the United States is still dealing with an active transmission of more than 35,000 cases of COVID. And some vulnerable people, including children, have no choice but to get vaccinated.

That puts everyone in a position of honor, and many people and businesses are confused about how to stay safe.

“Americans are feeling the sting,” said Brownston.

ABC reporters Sasha Pezenik, Ben Gateson and Justin Gomez contributed to this report.


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