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J. J. Watt’s upcoming NFL team may have been predicted by ‘New Girl’ back in 2015

J. M. Watt is the free agent after he asked the Texans to produce your pet from his contract, and NFL enthusiasts are curious because to where he’ll sign next.

There may have been a brief clue about Watt’s upcoming back in 2015,   once the defensive end appeared in the particular television show “New Girl. ” Throughout Season 4, Event 19, Watt played himself in an episode titled “The Right Thing. ” About 17 a few minutes to the episode, Watts can be seen reaching pertaining to a box that features a soccer helmet.

The particular team of that will helmet? The Browns.

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The particular helmet only made a brief cameo, but it’s most likely enough to get Browns fans thrilled. And while there’s a logical reason for that will helmet being right now there (it was in the garage of Watt’s agent who died in the show), it is a good interesting coincidence considering this upcoming offseason.

Watt became a totally free agent and at time of his discharge, reports said that   “going to a contender may be important” for the veteran player. The particular Browns are definitely contenders after the strong 2020, and a report emerged out Tuesday saying there was shared interest.

From Cleveland. com :

Released by the Texans on Friday, Watt is seriously considering the Browns as one of his options since they have a lots of what he desires, sources tell cleveland. com.

The two greatest things? Money plus a potential Super Bowl. What’s a lot more, they have a solid supporting cast and also a positive environment.  

So there are a real chance Watts ends up upon the Browns.

Although it will not be because of a random “New Girl” episode back in 2015, it is an interesting connection nonetheless.

Resource: sportingnews. com

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