May 6, 2021


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Listen to Jack Gillenhal’s opening story of David Air’s heavy Los Angeles police drama – “The Blue Line” and there is so much more to protect the innocent – and any observer of black life activism and high-level investigations. The police force is now waiting for them to turn around. Or ‘but…’. Or a funny transition to follow. It will never come. It’s been about a decade now, air Film He plays live, directly or indirectly, drinking more and more coffee that serves as a symbol of heroism and civic duty, and often swears (on the contrary, Rampart, released a year ago) by Woody Harrelson. He plays the police, emphasis is on the beating). Still, you know where you are with the air: this is the first ever written and self-deprecating group in Frances and the self-proclaimed Will Smith shooter-in-science fio curio brilliant for Netflix.

Jilinhalal Brian Taylor is known as Michael Pena and his Spanish partner Miguel Zavala. Taylor likes to record his daily work with the camera, and initially both officers are provided with body cameras. To create a collection of images, air is widely used by other forms of “acquired” recording (for example, night vision monitoring of drug groups). It connects to these amazing night shots in Los Angeles (traffic, skyscrapers, neon lights) or at sunset (palm trees, orange skies).

The conspiracy, like him, focuses on rivalry between two bands, one black and the other Hispanic, and Taylor and Zavala in South Central LA, interfering in a deadly and violent Mexican drug cartel. Behind this we see the couple doing their daily work and this is what makes the film. Gyllenhaal traveled side by side with Los Angeles police officers for five weeks. The role between him and Pea and the ban sometimes feel too good to be true. Not classic, but worth it.


Tulip Fever, BBC Two, 10 p.m.

Offan Sophia (Alia Vicander) was raised by the Ursula monks in Amsterdam in the middle of the 17th century when there were expensive and widely sold tulip bulbs. She reluctantly accepts the offer of marriage from wealthy businessman Cornelius Sandvort (Christoph Waltz), who pays for a safe way to live in New Amsterdam instead of Sophia’s heir apparent. Cornelius appoints local artist Jan van Loos (Dane Dihan) to paint the happy reunion and the artist falls in love with the Virgin Sophie. Unlike Vicandard, Tulip Fever has not been able to spread to other parts of the world. Waltz, on the other hand, exposes vulnerability and grief to the “lucky old dog,” enriching the two-dimensional potential.


Elizabeth, Movie 4, 11.05 p.m.

The relatively careless existence of Shekar Carr’s film The Bloody Catholic half-sister ‘Bloody’ Mary (Kathy Burke) explores her early life (Good Kat Blanchet) brother inherits the throne and tries to return Protestantism to England. Although Mary had serious doubts, she only made life difficult for Elizabeth and did not take her seriously. When Mary died, Elizabeth truly accepted the throne, and when she was appointed governor, she realized that she still had enemies, both inside and outside the court. While some viewers may be waiting for a dry, boring story lesson, this is a fun and exciting drama that tells a true and exciting story. Visual Light


Mission: Impossible – Robber Nation, Movie 4, 9 p.m.

CIA Director Alan Hunley (Alec Baldwin) Unsuccessful missions succeed in shutting down the IMF. Then, in front of Solomon Lane (San Harris), the shadow company, called Syndicate, will be the hunt for the IMF. Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruz) secretly returns with his teammates William Brent (Jeremy Renner), Benji Dunn (Simon Peg) and hacker Luther Steam (Ving Remes) to take their enemies. The action-packed franchise-style and clever fifth is joined by director Christopher McKurry and editor Eddie Hamilton (Kick-As, Kingsman-Secret Service). If you only watch for 10 minutes, make sure it is a spectacular tour of the Torantot at the Vienna Opera House.


On air, BBC 2, 11:30 p.m.

Ryan Bingam (George Cloney), a corporate reduction expert, spends most of his time flying around the country, dismissing employees he has never met before because his bosses are too busy to do the dirty work. Surprisingly, when Ryan Kendrick plans to hold a video conference with his representatives, Ryan is in danger. Meanwhile, Mr. Bingham, who is often proud of his emotional baggage, falls under Jetger Alex (Vera Farbima). A path travels through the air between the clouds and the comics, based on Clooney’s popular leadership performance, which hates the prospect of standing as a corporate mediator and obscures the current turmoil.


Harry C. Sally, BBC One, at 10:50 p.m.

Director Rob Rayner, writer Nora Efron and stars Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan are at the top of their game. Harry and Sally met for the first time as recent college graduates sharing a drive from Chicago to New York. After being more fortunate than a couple, they will soon become friends in their thirties when they are out of relationships, but will they have a chance to be more than a spouse? The “I’ll Find What She Has” became a classic classic, but the film has many memorable, memorable moments, some of which include Carrie Fisher, who is in good shape as Sally’s best friend.

And release one…

Stoweway, Netflix

Tony Collett (left) and Shamier Anderson at Stoaway

Musician, YouTuber and TV host to writer and filmmaker, 33-year-old Brazilian Joe Pena is no short of chutzpah. He seems to have the ability to relate to this complex, stressful science-fiction drama. Registering Tony Collett’s Caliberian Assistants is also a wise move, and one of the directors of the German composer Volcher Bertelman’s song “Hawshka” emphasizes the vision of a director.

Colette plays Marina Barnett on a three-man mission to Mars, a two-year-old colony of Mars, a two-year colony. Mars partners Mars biologist David Kim (the missing Daniel de Kim) and shipwreck and medical researcher Zoe Levinson (Anna Kendrick). We are in an unspecified year and the mission is managed and financed by a private company called Space X, a space company owned by Ilon Musk fans. Or it may not be, because the increase in profits and wages is one of the driving forces behind what happens next: the discovery of a fourth person and the realization that everything has been carefully adjusted is simply not enough oxygen. For four people.

The fourth man, Michael Adams (Shamir Anderson), a structural engineer and a member of the Earth’s staff, seems to have fallen into a trap in a CDR housing unit (one minute apart) and suddenly lost consciousness and knocked. He was found only after the ship was subjected to centrifugal control, which meant that the actors did not need to pretend to float around, and Barnett noticed blood dripping from the roof. Strictly speaking, Michael is not really a pedestrian. His retreat is also not accurately described. Is that what he looks like? As the film progressed, Bartt realized that the CDR could not be adjusted, which was a problem because it was a kit that “transports” carbon dioxide from the ship’s air. David uses algae to increase oxygen levels, but the staff has to take more and more frustrating steps to solve the problem. One is to give Michael a lethal injection, which obviously raises one or two moral challenges.

Stoweway is not on par with Alfonso Cowron’s 2013 Oscar-winning gravitational force, but the comparison is proof enough of its value.