May 9, 2021


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Jack Greelish responded that the Aston Villa star was awarded the highest award

Aston Villa captain Jack Grearish has been named the Midlands Player of the Year.

The 25-year-old thanked the organization on social media for the award.

Girlish The last 11 Villa games were lost, but Gong was handed over.

The Villa Despite having 16 games left in his most recent match, Jelbash equaled his tally on February 13 last year.

Gerry was on the move until the injury, scoring seven goals and scoring 12 assists in 23 games in all competitions this season.

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The former Notts County borrower looked at links to Manchester City during the winter transfer window, and this was the quality of the performance.

The England international is expected to return soon as he looks to secure a place in next season’s European competition with a low-form Villa form and Dean Smith’s side.

“Thank you to the Football Writers’ Association for choosing me as the Midfielder of the Year,” Graldish wrote on Twitter.

During a visit by Prince William of Cambridge, Prince William of Cambridge, on Tuesday, Grayish delivered an injury update.

Asked about his qualifications, Grellish said: “I haven’t really had a date yet, but I’m going to London on Thursday. I hope to have a week or ten days. ”

That Sunday (2.05 pm) looks set to miss Sunday’s game against Manchester United, with a visit to Villa Park on Thursday.