May 9, 2021


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Jacqueline Hill’s reverse collection confirms her status as the YouTube Oz

Jacqueline shared, “I think social media has played a huge role in how makeup evolved. It has become a hobby, a skill, a profession and a place for people to become real and authentic.” YouTube To become more mainstream, including product reviews Instagram Reaching younger demographics now with reels and stories Tick ​​tock Where people can show their whole routine in seconds! “She’s seen it all, influenced many, and most importantly, Jacqueline has evolved over time.

Many ticks took part in it 2016 vs. 2021 Challenge, Where they show how much their beauty routines have changed over the past five years, which Jacqueline admits, “We can all relate very well.” She explained, “Beauty trends come and go, and even my own beauty routine must have changed year after year. Will become, especially mine.

That goal inspired him to create highlighter, bronzer, blush and more. Jacqueline CosmeticsWhich is available Reverse. The mogul shared, “With my new collections I want to be true to what I see in makeup, but I will also complement every skin tone. And has partnered with an amazing reverse team to bring these major products to everyone! “

Learn more about Jacqueline Cosmetics Collection And vice versa And Jacqueline’s personal application tips and insights, keep scrolling to capture your aura.