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Jake Clifford Newcastle Knights sign Kurt Mann, Peter Sterling sign


Rugby league great Peter Stirling has new hope knights Recruit Jake Clifford to take the side straight to face the Eels this Sunday, even if it would hamper a winning combination.

And in what could be a glimpse into the future, Sterling predicted that injured Kurt Mann’s position in the Knights’ roster was weak, given the rise of young half-Phoenix Crosland and the form of Connor Watson, which ended in a battle for relevance Could have done. Values, given that they cover the same positions in the backline as utilities.

sterling rated Newcastle’s performance against Manly He was impressed by his “best win of the season” and especially by young halfback Crosland, saying “I liked his sobriety”.

Still, the four-time premier-winner said the 23-year-old halfback Clifford was signed by the Knights for a reason, leaving coach Adam O’Brien with a big call when he made his round later today 13 will name the team.

“I don’t think they brought Jake Clifford down to sit and watch,” Sterling told Wide World of Sports. sterlow’s rap.

“Maybe in this first week they will use him a little differently, but that is going to be half.”

O’Brien backed Sterling’s claim at his press conference shortly after the Knights’ victory over Manly, admitting that Clifford “will certainly have a chance” when asked if he made his club debut against halfback Parramatta. Will do.

“We’ve got a few sessions this week and we’ll see how we go from there,” O’Brien said.

With Crosland starring against the Sea Eagles, Sterling turned his attention to Mann, who started the season in good form wearing the No. 6 jersey but only recently started.

Sterling said, “I think Kurt Mann probably isn’t in the best form, so I’m wondering if Kurt could be the player they look at.”[he’s got] The utility value, however, has already been found in Conor Watson, who was the best player on the field in this game.”

Mann picked up a leg injury in training last week and was not on Day 17 of the game, facing the C Eagles, Watson had his best game for the club in a five-eighth position deputation.

It was another reminder of the value of the 25-year-old, although he still has a regular starting role despite being in his fourth season at Newcastle.

While Clifford is a natural game that half manages, the Knights bring him to the club to play with. Michelle Pearce, who was re-signed earlier this year to a one-year extension for 2022.

This probably indicates that O’Brien sees him as a five-eighth, at least for next season, which could open the door for Crosland to retain the No. 7 jersey and combine with his new teammate. is.

Sterling, for one, is looking forward to seeing more of the young Kiwi.

“But I felt that this young man, at Phoenix Crosland, 7, he has played less than a dozen games, it is hard for him not to be there again next week, it is difficult to change a winning team,” he said.

“He did not try to overplay his hand and in the second half he turned the football towards Manly where he had to. Every time Manley got his feet back, it was 10 meters away from his own line and he had to go. There was a long way to go. Get the points they needed and Crosland was front and center to play that field position. “

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