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James Bond screenwriter expresses concern over Amazon deal: ‘A chill ran through me’


one of the authors of James Bond The film franchise has expressed concern over the impending merger between heroine and MGM.

It was announced last week that Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, the studio behind all previous entries in the Bond franchise (as well as the upcoming no time to die) is being acquired by Amazon for $8.45bn (about £6bn).

MGM doesn’t have exclusive rights to the bond, however: the deal would see Amazon own a 50 percent stake in the assets. Eon Productions is another major shareholder, and has veto power over everything from casting to dialogue.

John Logan, a writer who previously wrote for 2012’s 007 sky fall and of 2015 the dark shadow, to discuss the merger in one piece the new York Times.

“With the acquisition of MGM and its movie catalog, the online retail giant bought into the James Bond franchise. When I heard this news, I got a cold,” he wrote.

“After working as a writer” sky fall and the dark shadow, I know that Bond is not just another franchise, neither Marvel or DC; This is a family business that has been carefully nurtured and shepherded through changing times by the Broccoli/Wilson family,” he continued.

Logan said that the character is not a “material” or “mere object”, but a “part of our lives for decades”.

“From Sean Connery to George Lazenby to Roger Moore to Timothy Dalton to Pierce Brosnan to Daniel Craig, we all grew up with our own version of 007, so we care about them a lot,” he concluded. “Please let 007 drink his martinis in peace. Don’t shake him, don’t stir him.”

no time to die Expected to release in theaters on 30 September 2021, it has faced a series of delays related to the pandemic.

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