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Janelle Evans: Her Most Jaw-Dropping Moments From 16 And Pregnant To 29 More Bonkers!


Teen Mom 2 fame Janelle Evans has always amazed us with her wild and crazy antics, but sometimes she makes us cry.

With her selfie, selfishness and overall self-obsession.

Nevertheless, Carolina Hurricane is very entertaining and never stops providing us with jaw-dropping entertainment.

And social media fodder, to boot. There is never a dull moment with a mother of three, whatever you think of her.

Here’s a look back at some of the most memorable moments of his young, innocent (okay, not really innocent) 16 and Pregnant To this day.

1. Hospitalized!

In 2013, Nathan Griffith shared this photo of Janelle in the hospital because he was a terrible boyfriend. While many assumed she was hospitalized because of drugs, she quickly took to Twitter to share documents from the hospital proving that she had indeed removed her appendix. “You don’t have to believe me, but now how do they do appendix surgery,” she tweeted “Like I said hospital documents don’t lie.” Never change, girl.

2. At that time he got this ink

At that time he got this ink

These are some of the tattoos that Jenelle possesses. In real life, he has these. Like, permanently. forever on his body.

3. And this one. YOLO!

and this one.  Yolo!

In case you weren’t aware of this delightful little fact, she also has a tattoo that has “YOLO” written all over her chest. She got it, she said on Twitter, “because it’s a cool quote.” Can not argue with it!

4. Can’t forget it!

Can't forget this one!

It is … well, it definitely is … it seems … huh. Well, this tattoo serves the purpose of covering up that tattoo of Nathan’s name, which is something positive.

5. Owl Time!

Owl time!

Oh look, this is a picture of the time when Jenelle got a breast implant, which is completely fine, but also hilarious as she tries to tell people these days that she never had plastic surgery. Even though you know, he did. on national television.

6. He fought the law…

He fought the law...

See, this may come as a shock to you, but in addition to getting terrible tattoos, Janelle has also been arrested once or twice.

7. … and she won, really

...and she won, really

In fact, he has been arrested about 15 times, for things like drug possession, assault – you know, only for classic Genel activities. However, he has not faced any real consequences for his actions.

8. More muggin’

more muggin'

Oh, no big deal, just to be a threat to society. it’s whatever.

9. This girl

This girl

As a wise man once said, “Look at your life, look at your choices.”

10. Simply Beautiful

just beautiful

Janelle Evans cries on Twitter. standard.

This old chestnut! It’s from 2011, believe it or not – Jenelle beats the hell out of a former friend because she heard that Kiefer was flirting with her. In fact, he directly destroyed this poor girl. It’s a little hard to see, but everything featuring Janelle is like that, so …

So this is a small family moment! In early 2015, Janelle and Nathan went on a trip to St. Thomas with Nathan’s brother (who is a veteran), his wife and another couple. Janelle participates in a fight with Nathan’s brother, who she is as a person, and during the fight, she tells him she wishes he had died in battle.

13. Those Feathers in Her Hair

the feathers in her hair

We couldn’t possibly have discussed Jenelle’s wild moments without mentioning the time that she really believed she could escape from prison by telling her lawyer that she had tickets to the Kesha concert. As hard as it was for him to believe, even though he had all those feathers in his hair, the judges didn’t particularly care.

14. Heroin


Doing heroin is one thing, but heroin in front of the entire film crew? That… that’s something else.

If we’re talking about some intense Janelle moments, we obviously have to talk about the fight she had with her mom, Barbara, in the first season of Teen Mom 2. It was shocking, heartbreaking, and it gave us such classic TM lines. Like “I saw you Keefa’s wife!”

A girl named Tori was a close friend of Janelle for many years, but not everything was always bad in their relationship. To prove that point, check out another iconic fight from Teen Mom 2 – with a drumstick. This gave us the classic “Leave Me Alone!” gave. line, too!

17. Courtland


Oh, and how terrible is it? After breaking up with Kiefer and being super into heroin, Jenelle met and married Courtland Rogers. Just in case you didn’t listen, it was a bad choice.

18. No


In one of Janelle and Courland’s many feuds, Janelle accuses him of miscarrying—she was pregnant with their child at least once. He also sent her this disturbing photo, but before you get too upset, you should know that Gary Head said it was actually a photo he staged with some Kool-Aid.

19. Dogs 🙁

dog :(

One of the worst Janelle moments (ex-David, anyway) happened when she was pregnant with Kaiser. She had a hard time controlling the two dogs she shared with Nathan, a pitbull and a husky. He screamed and yelled at the two big dogs, he locked them both in the same small crate, and eventually he let loose one of them and yelled at him to shout at him. It was way, worse than it sounds. It was so bad in fact that MTV had to put up a disclaimer before the footage could air.

20. Dogs again 🙁

Dog again :(

Since Jenelle never really learns, after that incident she again catches fire to treat her dogs. To her rescue, many people don’t know that trying to bring lit fireworks to a dog is bad. (Just kidding, everyone knows that but he did it anyway, and it’s awful.)

21. Does it get worse? Seriously?

Does it get worse?  Seriously?

A few years ago, when Nathan’s mother was trying to get Caesar’s custody, it was alleged that Jenelle smoked marijuana during her pregnancy with her third child, Ensley. According to the documents in the case, Ensley tested positive for the drug at birth, and Child Protective Services launched an investigation. Is it so hard not to smoke for nine months?

22. Shame, Shame

shame shame

Also in those documents, it was alleged that Janelle neglects her older children, Jess and Caesar, where she lets them roam around her house unattended in the woods. Or makes them, rather – the documents specify that she locks them out of the house.

23. Abuse ?!

Abuse ?!

Kaiser reportedly claimed that Janelle’s gross husband, David Eason, once punched her in the head. It hasn’t been proven, thank goodness, but we do know that Jess has said he’s afraid of David, and didn’t want Janelle to marry him.

24. More Fights

more fights

While she was not physically found, several members of Teen Mom 2 reported that on a reunion show, Janelle had a big argument with Nathan’s then-girlfriend Ashley. Before bowling with David from the set, he did the scene in front of the children. This is all unfortunate because it means she can’t spend a single day working a semi-normal job.

25. A Real Conflict

A real struggle

An unforgettable piece of the mysterious puzzle that is Janelle Evans is her bizarre health concerns. A few years ago, he started reporting some disturbing symptoms – he complained like “I think I have Spidey Sense,” “the eyes hurt, the eyes look big,” and “I molecules. I can see you.” After seeing several experts in various states, she eventually ended up on the TV show The Doctors, where she was told that she should probably change her birth control and deal with her anxiety, as it was a possible cause of many symptoms. He wasn’t done yet!

26. Interesting …


A few years after clearing the Spidey Sense stuff, she started complaining about a new health problem — esophageal spasms. She announced tearfully that because of the convulsions, she might never be able to fly for the rest of her life (something about air pressure, who knows). She has flown many times since that statement, and she always has an explanation as to why she is able to do this while her cramps are still so severe. These days, the condition doesn’t come up very often, but she’ll still talk about it when she wants a little sympathy.

27. Oh no

Oh no

Here’s a throwback — remember the time when Janelle was hanging out with Jess and someone cut her off in traffic, then went back to their house and pointed a gun at them? And all this was caught on camera? Isn’t it so strange that hardly anyone talks about it now, and it wasn’t even the thing that kicked her out of the show?

28. RIP Nugget

RIP Nuggets

Speaking of guns and crazy stories involving Janelle being fired… you know we have to talk about Nugget, Janelle’s French Bulldog puppy trampled on Ansley on the cheek and then brutally killed by David was cast, who thought the appropriate response was to shoot the dog with a shotgun. Janelle then abandoned her for a few days, the police began an investigation, and the CPS temporarily evicted all the children from their home. MTV even fired her from Teen Mom 2. Despite all this, she stayed with him – can you imagine?

29. Goodbye, David

goodbye, david

Well, she left him a few months later – she packed up Ensley and Kaiser and moved to Nashville. She met MTV, possibly to try to get her job back, got a restraining order against David, and even had an affair with a boy named Herbie. Even though she had successfully escaped from the swamp, she returned a few months later. Is that the craziest thing ever? quite possibly.

30. why though

Why, so

Talking about unfathomable choices about her relationship with David – honestly it could be a list of her own – the second time she publicly announced that she was leaving him. This was when they had a quarrel, she went to live with some friends, and when those friends took her back home to get some things, David killed one of them with a pistol. He was arrested for this, and Jenelle was not happy, which is why he gave her the statement to leave. She was back with him a few days later though, because apparently your husband assaulting your friends is no big deal when you’re Janelle.

31. That one iNfLuEnCeR. is

He is an iNfLuEnCeR

One of her most recent jaw-dropping moments isn’t really a moment, just a long fever dream – Jenelle has carved a niche for herself on Tickcock, a place where she dances awkwardly, flaunting her body , and says dumb stuff. It’s pretty weird to see her dance to a reality star on an app without a beat, to say the least, but that’s the thing about Janelle: You never know what she’s going to do next.

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