Jannik Sinner breaks up with his influencer girlfriend

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In this 2021 the young Italian talent Jannik Sinner has experienced many changes. The South Tyrolean athlete is only 20 years and two months old, and yet this year he has had various changes, winning several tournaments and finishing the season in the world’s top ten.

Jannik is currently the main character at the ATP final in Turin, where he took over as the first reserve in the tournament and became the second Italian tennis player in history to win this tournament, the youngest and the first to win on his debut.

Number 10 in the world tonight plays the last match of his competition and must face number two in the world, the Russian champion Daniil Medvedev. Despite winning the first match, Sinner is eliminated from the tournament, even in the event that he wins the match with Medvedev and Zverev, who have had access to the tournament qualification.

Many changes in a particular 2021 and a new gossip news about the South Tyrolean tennis player. To report it is Corriere della Sera.

Jannik Sinner, breaks up with Maria Braccini

After a relationship that lasted over a year, the relationship between Jannik Sinner and the beautiful Italian influencer Maria Braccini officially ended.

The two kept their relationship a secret for a while, announced it after a few months and only showed up with a social message or emoticon. Jannik, with a rather low profile, however, did not like the social release of the girl who posted a message for the anniversary of the first year of love with the athlete.

This and not only with Jannik who wanted to feel free from the weight of one too heavy relationship and a story that he did not want to become unmanageable when he was only 20 years old. Now go to tennis with Sinner, who in a few days will take the court to defend the Italian colors at the Davis Cup, the first match against the United States.

So room for 2022, where Jannik, after entering the Top-10, wants to improve their ranking and make even more of his entry into the game. Sinner is considered from an early age as one of the strongest Italian tennis players ever, and in singles he won five ATP titles out of six finals played.

He is the youngest Italian player to have won a major circuit tournament in the Open era, as well as the only one to have won four in the same season. He was number 9 on the ATP rankings on November 1, 2021. In the Grand Slam trials, he boasts the quarterfinals reached in the 2020 edition of Roland Garros.

He is also the youngest winner of the NextGen ATP Finals and the youngest Italian to have participated and won a match at the ATP Finals.

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