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Japan hosting Olympics ‘not normal’ amid COVID pandemic coronavirus pandemic news


Japan’s most senior medical adviser called on organizers to wait less than two months until the postponed Games start.

It was “not normal” for Japan to host the Olympics during the current state of coronavirus infections, Japan’s most senior medical adviser has said in one of the strongest warnings yet about the risks from the troubled Games.

Doctors have said the Olympics, due to start on July 23 after a postponement from last year, will hit a health system already given a record number of dire conditions.

Japan has reported more than 750,000 cases of the coronavirus since the start of the pandemic, including 13,170 deaths as of June 2.

Only 2.7 percent of Japan’s population is fully vaccinated, and current stage Targeting older adults isn’t scheduled to end before the game begins.

However, the pace of new infections has slowed.

Addressing a parliamentary committee on Wednesday, medical adviser Shigeru Omi said organizers should let the public know why they are moving in the middle of the pandemic.

“It is not normal to organize an Olympic Games in such a situation,” Omi said.

Omi said, “If we are going to organize the Games in these conditions…

Polls show most people in Japan are opposed to holding the Games, worried about thousands of athletes, officials and media landing in the country, where last week a emergency situation Tokyo and other areas were extended until June 20.

Broadcaster NHK said on Wednesday that nearly 10,000 of the 80,000 volunteers who signed up to help with the Olympic and Paralympic Games have resigned, citing organizers.

Soft-spoken Omi’s unusually harsh comments contrast Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and organizers who have assured the world they can stage the Games “safe and secure”.

A senior International Olympic Committee official in charge of organizing the Games angered the Japanese public in May by announcing that the Olympics would be held even though Tokyo is under a state of COVID-19 emergency.


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