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Japan’s PM Suga appears to be calling mid-term elections after Olympics: Report | coronavirus pandemic news


The most likely scenario is for parliament to be dissolved by the Japanese leader after the end of the Paralympics in September.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga is likely to call a snap election after the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, a media report said, bolstering his resolve to go ahead with the Games despite the country’s struggle to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. it shows.

The Asahi Shimbun newspaper reported on Thursday, citing several unnamed ruling party officials, that the government was looking at preparing a new economic stimulus package ahead of the expected snap election.

According to media reports, Suga on Wednesday agreed with the head of his ruling coalition ally not to extend the current parliament session when it ends on June 16.

That means Japan will compile a supplementary budget for now and leave about 4 trillion Japanese yen ($36.50bn) in reserves to pay for immediate spending to combat the pandemic, Asahi said.

“It’s clear we need an additional budget, but parliament is closing, so we don’t have time to pass it,” ruling party lawmaker Shoji Nishida told Reuters news agency last week.

“But the compilation of another stimulus package and an additional budget should be debated within the party,” he said.

Government officials were not immediately available to comment on the Asahi report.

Plunging Support for Suga

Suga has said he will focus on tackling the pandemic and Japan will pursue the Games under strict rules to protect people from the virus.

Suga’s support ratings have plummeted due to slow vaccine delivery and strong public opposition to holding the Games, adding to uncertainty over the fate of his administration.

As of Thursday, Japan reported more than 750,000 cases and more than 13,100 deaths [Kazuhiro Nogi/AFP]

Asahi said that with the Tokyo Olympic Games starting on July 23, Suga is most likely to dissolve parliament and call a snap election after the September 5 end of the Paralympic Games.

Meanwhile, the country is battling the spread of COVID-19, which has forced extension of state of emergency in many parts of Japan.

As of Thursday, the country has recorded more than 750,000 cases and more than 13,100 deaths with Osaka being particularly badly hit.

According to the Osaka Prefectural Government, an increase in the spread of alpha version which first emerged in the UK, and other mutated strains of the virus.


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