Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller faces potentially lengthy prison sentence after indictment for domestic violence, resistance to arrest

Jason “Mayhem” Miller could stare down a potentially long prison sentence if convicted of aggravated domestic violence and resist arrest.

Miller was was arrested early in the morning on 1 September0 after the police responded to a call from a woman involved in the alleged quarrel with the fighter. He has now been officially prosecuted by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office.

According to court records from MMA Fighting, Miller was charged with aggravated assault at home and for resisting arrest on 14 September. The former UFC and Strikeforce athlete pleaded not guilty to both charges.

The charges stem from Miller allegedly causing his girlfriend physical harm and then locking himself in a bathroom when police arrived to intervene.

Police eventually arrested Miller after the victim was found with visible marks on her face and neck.

TMZ reported first the charges against Miller while adding that the former UFC fighter is alleged to have forced police to break down the bathroom door to arrest him after the victim jumped out of a window to get away from him during the physical confrontation. The report added that the charges against Miller stated that he “intentionally caused bodily harm that resulted in a traumatic condition” on the victim in the case.

Both charges are considered criminal in the state of California.

Because Miller has a long history of criminal activity, including imprisonment, he could face an even harsher prison sentence if convicted of the crimes. The domestic violence charge is particularly noteworthy in Penal codes in California that previous convictions could lead to an even longer prison sentence.

In recent years, Miller has faced a number of legal issues and many arrests, including an incident in 2017 in which he pleaded guilty to domestic violence.

In 2019, he was sentenced to one year in prison for vandalism and violation of a protection order and Miller also received another year in prison for vandalism and attempted theft earlier this year.

Court records show Miller remains in custody with his next court appearance scheduled for October 25. The bail was originally set at $ 1.385 million, but has now been reduced to $ 150,000, which has still not been paid.

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