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Jaw drop: The gargantuan shark has students on sailboat screaming


A large jaw shark the cruise with a sailboat on the east coast of the US gave marine college students the thrill of a lifetime.

Student Alex Albrecht captured the creature in the SSV mating film Corwith Cramer and posted it on TikTok on Tuesday. The video had been viewed more than 50 million times on Thursday.

Albrecht saw the creature as he made one Maritime Education Association program on marine biodiversity on the boat, which sailed from Florida to Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

“Taken six weeks in the Atlantic he saw this great shark,” Albrecht wrote in the title of the video.

You can hear other people in the movie shouting and saying, “Oh, my God!”

“We could get on the plane whenever we wanted, and I was lucky enough to see the shark from up there. When I first saw it, I froze in fear and then screamed.”big ass shark“to the people on the deck below,” Albrecht told Newsweek.

“I had never seen one, but a shipmate saw one from above a few days before. We thought it was about 25 feet long though [it] it could easily have been a little longer. We probably saw him for less than five minutes before swimming. “

The giant creature was one bronze shark, animals that usually grow up to 26 feet and 11,000 pounds.

Slow-moving sharks, whose jaws can expand up to three meters wide, are filter feeders that devour plankton.

Students rated the observation on a blog earlier this month as one of their favorite travel experiences.

“There have been so many incredible moments to define this journey, but today there have been two moments in which the Corwith Cramer collective the Stoke tank was absolutely overflowing: two giant sharks swimming together and whales raising their tails out of the water to greet all those who tested their communication on whales, ”the bloggers noted in the May 15 post.

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