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Jaya, daughter of Gabriel Union and Wade Honor in Dwayne, on her birthday


Zaire’s older brother and Dwayne’s older child Wade with the blessings of Jai Wrote on it Instagram Page, “I always love you here and want to protect you, give you G through dense n thin @ Jayaweed. Continue the inspiration and endless effort through everyone! We went this way behind you Jaya.”

This is the first time her Jaya name has been published on the occasion of the second birthday of the handed teenager since her stepmother and father, who also has a 7-year-old son, Xavier Zakaria Wade, 19, introduced him in February 2020.

“Meet Zaire,” Gabriel wrote on social media at the time. “She is sympathetic, loving, whip smart and we are proud of her.

Also at the same time, Dwayne spoke about his and Gabriel’s support for Zaire Ellen Desires show“We are the proud parents of any child in the LGBTQ + community and we are also proud friends.”

In March 2020, Jaya appeared on the red carpet for the first time at the sixth annual Los Angeles Truth Awards. She was joined by Gabriel and Dwayne, who wrote on Instagram at the time, “Everyone allows her to re-introduce herself, her name is Jaya Wade! Last night Zaire was the first red carpet and how could we not expand her?” He has become one of the young faces and voices for the LGBTQ + community. “

Check out pictures of Zaire’s most beautiful family in years:

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