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Jazzie Young captures dreamy nostalgia with new music video

Fresh from the release of their debut EP, grown up & separated, Los Angeles-based artist Jazzie Young recently released her new single “In Reality” and today, PopWrapped are pleased to premiere their video.

“‘In Reality’ is a song about realizing the reality of a situation you’ve romanticized,” explains Jazzie. “When you take the person you put on a pedestal and examine them in your relationship for what it really is rather than what you put it in your head, you sometimes notice that the version you are in love with exists. no.I think we were all in such situations, some of us more than others.It may be so fun to live in your rose-colored imagination, but it can be harmful if you hold something because of the person’s potential, rather than who they actually are.

Inspired by youthful nostalgia, the dream new video features animated inspired graphics, led by a very female production team. “It’s all pretty organically put together,” Jazzie closes. “I talked to the illustrators, Sabrina Valdez and Lacie Kraich, about the meaning of the song and the sound I wish the video had. We also discussed the kind of animation aesthetic I was looking for, and the color palette that fits into the “dreamy nostalgic” world in which I wanted this song and video to live. From there, they created some mood plates and a general outline of what the video would look like. They were very helpful and curious during the whole process. I really did not have a set script that I needed the video to follow, I just wanted it to have a certain feel, and they could take my notes and really create something special. I wanted to show a different side of my songs and getting to work with two talented female animators was an incredible experience for me. I feel like I learned a lot during this process.

The new video is the latest in a string of visuals that the multi-talented singer-songwriter has released in conjunction with their new EP. A few months into quarantine writing, Jazzie has written the entire collection in isolation from himself, with the remote production produced by East Coast-based producer Shawn Guess. With songs detailing the relationships, friendships, and self-exploration she went through from her early years until now in themes of introspection and longing, ‘Growing Up & Separated’ is a record that reflects on the thinking we all have. experienced during the pandemic.

Watch the video for “In Reality” below and for more information on Jazzie Young, please like her page Facebook or pursues her further Instagram. Header Photo Credit: Michaela Sprague.

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