Jennifer Lawrence criticizes Jen Shah’s “lack of responsibility”

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Jennifer Lawrence Regrets Jen Shah "Lack of responsibility" in the "Lack of shame" as RHOSLC star is alleged to have captured Body Shaming Heather Gay

Jen Shah | is under fire.

As they faces accusations of Money laundering and fraud for their potential commitment in one year Telemarketing Scheme, which counted elderly victims, who Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Cast member was called by the actress Jennifer Lawrence.

“She has the strongest case of personality disorder I have ever seen in my life,” Jennifer said Vanity Fair November 22nd “You know the people who do not take responsibility – to the point where you almost feel jealous? Total lack of responsibility, lack of shame. I’m almost like, How dare you?

According to Jennifer, she is very irritated by Jen’s behavior because it is far from what she is experiencing in her own life.

I’m lying in bed, afraid of accidentally hurting someone’s feelings, of worrying about everything. That’s why it probably burns my cookies, ”he said longtime Bravo Fan zouginn.

And another RHOSLC news, Jen was reportedly caught body-shaming Heather Gay, WHO she recently applauded for a “friend if [she] needed it the most. “

In a series of expired DMs divided by Reality of (tea) them op Instagram, Jen is reportedly seen as Heather having fun calling herself “the queen” before counting on her body – and her face.

“Heather ….. your shoes do not fit, your skin is not so smooth, your body is not so small and your face does not fit the rest of your body …” read a message allegedly sent from her account.

Not surprisingly, Jen was beaten for “acting like a good friend when she says such things about [Heather Gay] for people. “

“Thank you to one of you for sending this reception. Must be the personality disorder that comes through,” the outlet wrote in its screenshot.

RHOSLC Jen Shah Body Shame and Sees Shame Heather Gay

Also on Instagram, Jen has a screenshot of Meredith Marks‘Cont.

“Girl away … We have not persecuted for months. I picked you up and took you away a long time ago as a follower. God did not like misery and he damn sure did not like it appearing in my IG timeline,” a message I read the screenshot.

“But who controls ??? Apparently you have … “, the screenshot said, along with the hashtag” Get well soon “.

RHOSLC Jen Shah claims she did not follow Meredith Marks

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