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Jennings Century sees Lancashire controlling the collision of roses


Friday’s events saw Keaton Jennings score the 19th century of his first-class career with Lancashire in the Roses match at Old Trafford with Sam Cooke finishing four wickets for Essex at Chelmsford.

Asics vs Durham

Resuming at 58/6, the Visitors would add 21 to the night’s score before losing Ned Eckersley LBW to Sam Cook for 16 before Peter Seidel throws Brydon Carse for 10 in the next. Mattie Potts is caught by Adam Whittier of Bowling Jimmy Porter before Porter throws the next ball to Chris Rushworth.

Nick Brown will be LBW to Raine for 6 before Sir Alastair Cook is tossed by Rushworth for 7 with Tom Westley also LBW to Raine for 1 in three in a row. Paul Walter (22) and Michael Bieber (16) were caught by Eckersley outside of bowling from Raine and Carse of straight sums before a 125-year partnership between Ryan ten Doeschat and Adam Wheater with ex-LBW ended to Carse for 55 Potts would run out Wheater vs. 81 before Eckersley grabbed Carse Siddle vs. 5 with Simon Harmer (30) and Cook (11) batsmen not out in lockdown.

Sam Cooke took 4 wicket on the 1st Durham Tour

ESS 182 (62.2 plus) and 263/8, DUR 99 (47.4 plus)

Bonus points: ESS 3, DUR 3

Warwickshire vs Nottinghamshire

On appeal at 250/6, hosts Danny Briggs would lose to 7, captured behind Bowling Patterson, before Craig Miles lost for 2 as he was captured by Slater from Bowling Luke Fletcher. Matthew Lamb, who resumed playing at 43, would be the ninth wicket to fall as he was caught by alternate Bowling Dane Patterson (the tailor who finished with numbers 5/90) 52 times before the last wicket post between Liam ended Norwell (30 did not come out) and Oliver Hannon-Dalby (26) with Stephen Mulaney who caught the latter of bowling Liam Patterson White.

Knotts’s response was a good start with Ben Slater and Haseeb Hamid. The latter was called to England for the first time in almost 5 years, He put 72 for the opening partnership before throwing the last Norwell to 39 with Ben Duckett shortly afterwards versus 4, LBW to the same shooter. He would also have a third wicket before his Trunks, with Slater being trailed by Michael Burgess versus 77 with Joe Clark and Lyndon James non-out overnight hitters with 48 and 4 respectively.

War 341 (119.1 plus), not 173/3 (60 plus)

Bonus points: WAR 4, not 3

Worcestershire versus Derbyshire

On resume at 7/336, the hosts will add 28 to their night score before Billy Goodman catches Alzari Joseph of Dustin Milton Bowling for 12. Captain Joe Leach will be the ninth man being thrown by Milton for 5 by The last wicket partnership that lasted 45 times between Ed Barnard and Dillon Pennington (24 not out) with the former arrested by Ben McDermott of bowling Matt Critchley for 90.

Godleman would be the first man to visit as Tom Fell caught him from bowling in Pennington for 10 before Brooke Guest fell to Ross Whiteley from Bowling Leach. Leus du Plooy was the last man out for the day, LBW to Barnard, for 7 as Wayne Madsen and McDermott who did not knock out the two strikes with a score of 31 and 18 respectively.

WOR 421 (121.2 plus), DER 91/3 (31 degrees)

Reward points: WOR 5, DER 2

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Leicestershire vs Middlesex

On appeal at 260/7, visitors were adding 2 to their score before Harry Swindles caught Tom Helm from Bowling Ben Mike for 17 before Ethan Bamber dropped in exactly the same way to 4. 6, Chris Wright threw it, leaving wicket keeper John Simpson stranded At 95 without getting out.

In Leicestershire’s response, Hasan Azad was the first man to come out as he was caught by Stevie Eskenazi outside Bowling Bamber without disturbing the scorers as Marcus Harris LBW fell in front of Helm for 3. Robson from Bowling Helm before Simpson caught Sam Evans away from Bowling Martin Anderson. Swindles and Mike were falling into straight balls, both LBW to Andersson for 1 and 0 respectively, being 42/6. Lewis Hill will be the next man to get out for 39 shots by Anderson (finished with numbers 4/27) before Callum Parkinson drops LBW to Bamber for 41. Wright will be the ninth man to come out, as well as LBW to Bamber, for 23 before Ed Barnes will throw her Luke Holman for 6.

Middlesex’s second rounds saw Sam Robson as the only man to be knocked out of the match, from LBW to Wright, for a 6-day run with Eskenazi and Nick Jobs, the two undefeated batsmen with 31 and 20 respectively.

MID 260/7 (96 plus) and 57/1 (21 plus), LE 136 (55.1 plus)

Reward points: LEI 3, MID 5

Surrey, opposite Gloucestershire

Resumption on 5/285, hosts Jimmy Overton would lose the first ball in the morning for 50, caught by Johnny Tattersall of Bowling David Payne, with Sean Abbott caught LBW to Smith for 40. Hashim Amla would drop for a 173-like throw by Miles Hammond with the last two wins Both were thrown by Higgins as Ricky Clark and Dan Moriarty were fired for 65 and 4 years respectively.

Chris Dent was the only man arrested by Moriarty from Bowling Ammar Verde, for 14 years with Craig Brathwaite and Miles Hammond not coming out for 27 and 4 in a row.

SUR 473 (158 plus), GLO 45/1 (19 plus)

Reward points: SUR 2, GLO 1

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Lancashire vs Yorkshire

Appealing on 95/1, Keaton Jennings and Luke Wells move the score to 246 before Tom Kohler-Cadmore catches the first from Bowling Ben Quad for 114 before Welles follows 4 balls later, also caught by a Yorkshire opener off Bowling Jordan Thompson, Vs. 60. Liam Livingston was to be caught by Duane Olivier off Thompson before Dean Velas (35, Kohler hunted Cadmor from Quad) and Luke Wood (7, caught Harry Duke off Thompson) Josh Bohanon left Danny Lamb unbeaten batsman in 47 and 4 on Straight.

YOR 159 (64.1 plus), LAN 350/6 (127 plus)

Reward points: LAN 6, YOR 1

Sussex versus Northamptonshire

After his resume at 91/4, visitors will lose night goalkeeper Simon Kerrigan for 15 years while George Garton kicks the ball before Adam Rosington also lost his share to the roundabout that Tom Clarke caught. Tom Taylor (3) will be run out by Travis Head before the Australian takes the catch to get rid of Wayne Parnell for 1. Sword Zebe will be the ninth wicket, which Ben Brown catches from Bowling Atkins for 64 before Ben Sanderson will throw it Garton for 20 (Gareth Berg is the batsman) Not out on 43).

Conquest Tom Haines (64 not out) was hitting the rest of the day with the wicket falling at the other end, first Aaron Thomason was captured by Rossington away from Bowling Sanderson for 8 then Stian Van Zell (17, caught and played) and all were expelled. From the head (0, captured Ricardo Vasconcelos) by Simon Kerrigan. Tom Clarke would be the last man to exit theatrical release for 13 years with Brown eventually joining Haines, sitting at 34 Never Out.

SUS 175 (59.3 plus) 142/4 (48 plus), NOR 256 (36 plus)

Bonus points: SUS 1, NOR 3

Keaton Jennings

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