Jesse Lingard’s next move should be the best for him despite his love for Manchester United – Daniel Murphy

No one can question Jesse Lingard’s love for Manchester United.

lingard He first joined the club when he was seven years old. most of his life Unified. He moved up the age groups, helped the club win the prestigious FA Youth Cup, signed his first professional contract in 2011 and made 216 appearances in the red shirt.

In each of these matches, whether it was good or bad, scoring a goal or standing up for a late winner, he gave everything he had for the club.

Even after spending an entire season without goals or assists Premier League, In the final seconds of the final game of the 2019/20 season, Kasper shut down Schmeichel, forcing the Leicester goalkeeper into error and entering the house to secure United’s Champions League spot.

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Then the following season, he did not appear on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s bench before being loaned to West Ham and went on to fully revive his career with a series of glamorous performances. Throughout all his good spells, there was not a single sign of displeasure.

Even after that, he decided to stay in the summer to compete for a spot, while no one blames him for wanting to leave Old Trafford forever after proving that he still has the quality of being a regular first-team for a good side. In the team.

Lingard’s commitment to United cannot be doubted. But now he must put his love for the club aside and do what’s best for him when he decides what his next step is with just a few months before his contract expires.

There is little room for sentimentality in football and the 28-year-old has already done more than enough for the club.

He has maintained his excellent form at West Ham since returning to United this season and has proven that he still has a role to play for Solskjaer. He scored twice from the bench without starting a Premier League or Champions League match, one in a crucial win over the Hammers, as well as Cristiano Ronaldo’s late win over Villarreal – vital to the club’s qualifying hopes . -exit stages.

Still, the out-of-form Anthony Martial is still used sparingly as he is apparently ahead of the pecking order. He hasn’t even left the bench in the last two league games United have not won, and his only start came in the Carabao Cup.

Given all of United’s offensive ability, it’s understandable that Lingard had to spend some time on the bench, but the truth is that most of his opponents are not in better shape than him right now, but they’re getting more opportunities.

He still supported them every step of the way, but losing at one point in England’s Euro 2020 squad has strained Lingard and playing time is crucial if Gareth is to stay on Southgate’s plans. Unless something changes soon, it doesn’t look like he’ll get it in Manchester.

From 1 January, Lingard can begin pre-contract talks with clubs outside England for a free transfer during the summer. A British international of proven quality is a promising prospect for nothing and European heavyweights Barcelona and AC Milan are said to be interested.

Barca may be in disarray and Milan are not the club they once were, but it would also be a great move for Lingard as they will still offer Champions League football and possibly many more minutes on the pitch.

But if he decides to stay in England, there will be no shortage of suitors West Ham, Leicester and Newcastle have linked to in recent weeks.

It makes sense why United want to keep Lingard, from their point of view he is a good, inbred team player who can make an impact on the bench. But he showed he could be so much more than that and he deserves to be at a club that sees him that way.

Lingard has given everything to United for twenty years, now he has to do something for himself.

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