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Jim and August: Forged a Friendship on Service and Loss – WCCO


Minneapolis (WCCO) – Jim McDougall and August Ribe are friends. August is 10, and Jim is 98, and a World War II veteran.

August flagged off Jim when he was walking from his house one day.

“And then he looked me in the eye and he said, ‘Thank you for your service, sir,'” Jim said.

Jim grew up in Iowa, and enlisted when he was 18, ending up as a pilot in the war.

He was honored at a Memorial Day service on Sunday, at which he also delivered a speech. Helping his presentation was August, who wore Jim’s hat, and displayed a model of the aircraft he piloted. This respect for the August veterans comes from his own father.

August Ribbe and Jim McDougall(Credit: CBS)

“My dad always wanted his kids, me and my sister, to thank everyone who served our country,” August said.

His father was a hockey player and marathon runner. In 2015, when it was 4 August, his father died suddenly while playing in a pond hockey tournament.
August was quite young, but he still misses dad.

“He was very loving and caring, he is very enthusiastic and energetic like me,” August said.

And on this Memorial Day, August knows that if his father were here, along with August’s mother and sister, he would see in his son what he always hoped he would become.

“I think he would be very proud of me, and I already know he is,” August said.

“I think he is too,” Jim said. “He’s so proud of you.”


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