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Jimmy Kimmel Talks Movie Theaters’ Masking “Honor System” – Deadline


in Tuesday’s episode jimmy kimley Live!, host Jimmy Kimmel celebrated a personal pandemic milestone, noting that he was finally fully vaccinated.

“Oh, what a pleasure it is to walk around without a mask, hugging people. I feel like a superhero,” said abc Late night host. “Seriously, if you don’t have a vaccine yet, get one now. It’s the greatest.”

The reason for celebration was also the fact that while travel was increasing over the holiday weekend, there was still a sign of a gradual return to normal within the United States. “The TSA screened more than seven million people over the holiday weekend, and that’s another funny thing because you can fly without vaccinations, no problem,” Kimmel joked. “But god forbid you bring a full sized bottle of shampoo, you’re going down.”

Later, they discussed Americans’ return to movies and recent updates to masking policies at theater chains, including AMC, that would allow fully vaccinated filmmakers to take off their masks in theaters. “People who are fully vaccinated don’t have to wear masks in the movies, but you don’t have to show evidence,” Kimmel said. “It’s done on the honor system, which has worked so well for movies over the decades. I can’t even imagine breaking into one of those!”

During tonight’s opening monologue, Kimmel also touched on controversial comments recently made by “apologies friend of Trump” Michael Flynn, who appears to support the idea of ​​overthrowing the government, and more.

Watch the full clip above.

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