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Jodesy’s debut album ‘Forever My Lady’ is celebrating its 30th anniversary


Roommate, 30 years ago, the most innovative R&B album was released and changed forever for the male R&B group, when Judici officially released their debut album “Forward My Lady”. Jodesic is not just a household name – the male R&B group makes a difference.

K-CI, JoJo, Dalvin and Devante came together to give us a gift Iconic R&A album From beginning to end courtesy of the generous amount of bad boy Flair with heavy hip hop and New Jack swing effects. From baby makers to Club Jame, there was something for everyone on this album.

The album’s first track was the enthusiastic New Jack swing bop “Gotter Love”, while the group’s title track was the second single that officially topped the charts and became a superstar when “Forward My Lady” was released and quickly turned into music in the ’90s.

Judessi further reduced it with the third single from the album, “Stay”, proving that they know how to communicate with a woman interested in publishing “Come and Talk to Me” – which also had a remix that many rivals believed was original.

Jodesy’s image was in stark contrast to the fact that most of the men’s R&B groups of the era presented themselves and had a lot to do with DDC, who was working at Uptown Records at the time, Jodesy’s record label. He was hired to help with the team’s appearance and decided that leather baskets, battle boots, back caps and gold chains would be appropriate uniforms to turn them into “R&B’s bad guys” as they had known the day before.

Happy anniversary of the classic album that is still in heavy circulation!

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