May 9, 2021


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Joe Rogan defended himself after receiving a response from young people saying they don’t need to be vaccinated against Cavid-19.

Joe Rogan He went on to say that he was not an anti-waxer after previously encouraging young and healthy people not to be vaccinated against the CVD-11 virus in his podcast. As you can imagine, many were outraged to see such a damaging speech, especially since Rogan’s podcast is the most popular on Spotify, reaching so many people.

After the incident, he stressed that young people should not worry about the vaccine at all.

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After the reaction and some even demanded that he be fired, Rogan argued that ‘I am not a doctor, I am Mauron’s Afghan. I’m not even an enthusiastic source of information … but at least I try to be honest about what I’m saying. I am not an anti-wax person. In fact I said, I believe they are safe and encourage many to take them. My parents get vaccinated. I just said, ‘I don’t think you really need it if you’re a young healthy person.’ Their argument was just ‘you need it for the other person’ … but that’s a different argument. ‘

The man has defended his position, although it is safe to say that most of his critics will not be happy with that explanation.

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After all, the Covid-1p epidemic has always been about as contagious to everyone.

As in his previous comment, he said in part that ‘if you are like 21 and like that’ should I get vaccinated? ‘I go,’ no. Are you a healthy person? ”

This is especially detrimental, since NPR has reported that hospitalizations of young adults tested positive for the virus have increased by 40% since March!

‘Look, don’t do anything stupid, but you should take care of yourself. If you’re a healthy person and you always practice and you’re young, you’re eating well, I don’t think you need to worry about this, ’Rogan said during his previous podcast episode.