Joe Torres’ view of modern baseball should send a message to the Yankees

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Ever since former New York Yankees manager Joe Torre began working for the MLB Commissioner’s Office under Rob Manfred, many could not help but feel that he had become a corporate sympathizer.

Maybe he is. Manfred is a reviled commissioner and we can not say that much of what he does is improve the game. Time will tell, but the early returns are not so good.

However, it makes us wonder why Torre’s influence has not been greater. The man still has a “feeling” for the game at a time when it has apparently disappeared. We have Rays and Dodgers writing innings 1-9, and teams like the Yankees are abusing analyzes, which has changed everything.

Torre proved to us this week on David Cone’s new podcast Toeing the Slab, which is shown on the Jomboy Media network, that he thinks the game might need an injection of gut instinct. How can we magnify this message and actually make it happen?

Torres’ example, which specifically included Cone from their time with the Yankees, was from a WORLD SERIES game! And here we are and feel that teams are hesitant to deviate from their plan during a competition in mid-July.

Here’s what Torre said, and here’s why it should send a message to the Yankees heading into another season with manager Aaron Boone at the helm:

Joe Torres believes the game needs more instinct and the Yankees should listen.

Do we reject the idea of ​​having a plan? Not at all! But plans do not always work. You’ve made plans before, haven’t you? How many times have they fallen through? Do not actually answer that. We do not want you to be upset. It’s hard to make plans sometimes.

So why should it be any different when you translate it into a game of professionals who are the best at what they do? That’s why it’s so important to have a feel for the game with today’s managers. So much is dictated from front offices, or at least “information” is dripped down from those above. It’s easy to get distracted and stick to the points.

Speaking of Boone now, it’s hard to believe he possesses zero baseball instincts. He has played the game. He’s been doing that for four years now. Love him or hate him, it seems possible that the potential overbearing nature of the Yankees front office has clouded his judgment in a way. It’s not too strange to deduce.

We just hope someone in the Yankees organization listened to this. It comes from two Yankees legends who conquered several World Series. Their perspective matters. A lot. We do not ask for a complete 180 in philosophy. Let’s just mix the best aspects of each approach.

Can’t we do that? Please?

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