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Joe Walsh ‘disappointed’ to lose another radio show


You may have missed it if you blinked, but another radio show for Joe Walsh came and went, Robert Fedor writes.

The former Northwest suburban Republican congressman announced that he has been fired after a year as the host of the afternoon on the GAB radio network.

His show airs weekdays from 3 to 5 pm on Evanston Broadcasting News/Talk WCGO 1590-AM.

Walsh tweeted, “The network is run by a big trumpeter, and he’s been wanting to boot me for a while. Looks like it finally happened.” “Not surprising, but I’m shocked. I thought it was so important to have an anti-Trump conservative voice on the radio… I’m not a victim. And I wasn’t ‘cancelled.'”

“It’s the market at work. And the market says there’s no place in the GOP or talk radio for anti-Trump conservatives.”

GAB Radio Network did not respond to requests for comment.

Walsh spent six years at Salem Media News/Talk WIND 560-AM before going on to challenge Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination in 2019.

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