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Joel Embiid doubtful for Game 5 vs. Wizards as knee evaluations continue


Joel Embiid is a suspect for Wednesday’s Game 5 against the Washington Wizards, a team official said Tuesday evening, as the Philadelphia franchise continues to be evaluated for pain in his right knee. The Big Man situation was first reported by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

The franchise center in Philadelphia has done all of its imaging as of Tuesday afternoon, with a source close to the situation saying the medical team needs to go over the results before making any sort of official diagnosis or statement on the matter. In part, the latest update was forced by league guidelines – the Sixers were required to submit a report for tomorrow’s game by Tuesday’s 5 p.m. deadline, and were only comfortable calling him suspicious for a while. Because they used to figure out where to go from here. .

The good news, a source close to the situation told Phillyvoice, is that the Sixers feel good about Embiid’s ability to manage his health from a long-term/overall playoff perspective. However, further information beyond this has been questionable.

The route to evaluating the Embiid was a bit complicated as a result of travel issues for the Sixers overnight. NBC’s John Clark reported on Tuesday afternoon that the team’s charter plane broke down overnight, forcing the team to arrange a bus tour to Philly before Game 5. The journey didn’t end until around 6 a.m. Tuesday, and it slowed. The process is a bit good.

While it is difficult to obtain information about Embiid’s status as he lost to the Wizards early Monday, Doc Rivers confessed after the game that he wasn’t even sure what was wrong mid-game. His absence was felt big time, as Rivers shuffles through unflattering lineups trying to find a combination that works. Embiid’s absence was felt extensively by his teammates, with Ben Simmons and the other Sixers commenting after the game that their offense waned after losing him.

“Once that came out, I don’t think we were even moving the ball,” Ben Simmons said on Monday. “We weren’t playing team ball for a minute and then not even getting stops which is a big part of our offense to be able to push the ball that hurt us a little bit.”

Obviously, we need Joe to win,” Simmons said later. “He’s a big part of this team, but if he’s not in the next game, we have to turn it down. We got what we needed.”

Wednesday’s game in South Philadelphia full capacity crowd for the first time The Sixers can participate in the game before the COVID-19 lockdown. While their MVP candidate hasn’t technically been ruled out yet, it looks like the Sixers will have to try to close the series without him.

This story is developing.

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