May 9, 2021


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John Ryder flies to Dallas ready for Canelo Boxing if Billy Joe Saunders withdraws from the fight

John Ryder travels to Dallas tomorrow ready to step in to fight Canelo Alvarez in no time if Billy Joe Saunders withdraws from the competition, according to a report by John Dennen.

John Ryder flies to Dallas tomorrow (Wednesday) and is ready to intervene to fight Canelo Alvarez on Saturday, if Billie Joe Saunders He withdraws from the fight.

Saunders is scheduled to meet Mexican superstar Canelo Alvarez on Saturday for the WBO, WBA and WBC Middleweight Championship at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. On Tuesday, however, a dispute arose over the ring size of the competition. Saunders Team says This ring Any size smaller than 22 feet will be unacceptable And that the Briton, who holds the WBO belt, can withdraw from the competition even at this late stage.

Ryder, who fought WBA champion Callum Smith in 2019, is set to be in Dallas this week for his media commitments and is ready to intervene in no time if Canelo finds himself in need of an opponent.

Ryder was preparing to fight a very average weight fight in America in June, so he’d be fit to fight, although he would likely need some leeway to make a 168 lbs.

“Put it this way, it’s a little earlier than planned,” says Ryder, “but I’ll definitely fill in the gum shield and protection just in case.” Boxing News. “This is the sport we participate in. Especially with Covid, how many times have I seen last-minute fights with positive tests coming and major events falter. I’ll go there tomorrow regardless, how many extra ounces of condom and gum cap. I wear gloves and my shoes on which Case.

“What is the saying – wear gloves, I’ll travel. That’s me.”

Ryder fought his last fight the night before Alvarez against Smith in December and has long been eyeing a shot in the world’s leading super middleweight. The Londoner is totally ready to be on guard for Canelo. “I was going there to do some promotional work for my next fight, so I’d be there regardless. If not.” [fighting] John said. “I’m looking forward to spending a nice few days in Dallas. I was hoping to see a good fight, but you never know, I might end up having a good fight.”

Alvarez is a target for any middleweight above the world level. I definitely thought of a chance to fight Billie Joe again [too]. I communicate with Billie Joe, we are as friendly as he is, being past enemies and wishing him the best. “I agree with the position he’s taking,” said Ryder. “I agree with the uproar he’s making. A bigger ring suits him better, but if that matters, it should really be stipulated in the contracts and the manner agreed upon before the week of the fight.”

“Canelo is a hunter, he likes to exhaust and chase prey. This is Billie Joe’s game, on the outer edges of the inside, quick flips, off on his bike again. The best way to win is to get a bigger ring and stop the action.”

“He is right to make a fuss and Canelo sees himself as the first side. He is right to stick with his rifle and say no.”

Although John added: “We know Billy Joe loves some antics at Fight Week and I’m sure Canelo is happy to have him do so. [But] They both have trained for each other, they both want to fight, and they are both desperate to fight. “

For the record though, Ryder would be ready to box Canelo in the 20-foot ring, or the 18-foot ring. “To be fair, if I get the chance, I’ll fight him in the phone box. It’s a fight that I love.” He is the sterling star, he is the number one champion in the world. He goes through the weights, he makes history. Sharing the ring with him would be an honor, but I would go there with the same mindset that I could defeat him, I could hurt him, and I could knock him out. I will try that. Try to harass him, reduce his rhythm, hit him on the ground, hit him on the belt, and all you can stand up to and hit him. “

After being shown against Callum Smith, Ryder believes that sooner or later he is worth a fight with someone like Kanelo. “It’s hard to see other fighters getting chances while you are stuck on the sidelines and waiting patiently,” he said. “That’s not Callum’s fault, he can’t help the way the judges called the order, but I think it should have been my fight.

“I think I should have defended my crown against Canelo in Texas [last year]. I should have been the world champion.

“[But] I look forward to 2021 a little busier. “