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When Darcy Scott was born, he was three and a half months premature and weighed less than a kilogram. He underwent four months of specialist treatment at Canberra Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit before being allowed to go home with his father, Hudson Scott, and mother, Tia Riley. Now 20 months old, Darcy surrounds the Kambah house, dancing with The Wiggles at every opportunity, and showing everyone how quickly he can climb the hall. Tia said with a smile, “It’s going really well. There are a few ongoing health issues but it’s reaching all the milestones and growing.” There are memories of Darcy’s early arrival in the family’s library—small footprints; diaper and beanie, both still too big. Tia became a mother for the first time, she was just 21, and had a textbook pregnancy until her due date — more than three months before her due date — entered the birth book in late February last year. “I went to work that day. I felt a little uncomfortable, like a normal pregnancy. I felt a very sharp pain while cooking that night and thought ‘Weird’,” she said. “I gave birth around eight o’clock and went to the hospital at nine and was born at 10.30. So it all happened so quickly and unexpectedly.” Darcy was born at just 26 weeks; The reason for his arrival so early is really unknown. “They just reduced it to spontaneous work,” Tia said. Adding to the stress, Darcy was born just before Canberra’s first COVID quarantine was imposed in March 2020. This meant a lonely time for Tia, as she was usually the only person allowed to be with her son, and only one parent was allowed in the nursery. one time. “While we understand the limitations, watching your child fight for his life and surrounded by the alarms and hustle and bustle of the NICU, alone and without emotional support, made the situation even more difficult,” she said. One thing that has helped was a support package from the Life’s Little Treasures Foundation, which provides information and support to families of babies born sick or born before 37 weeks gestation. “They sent a free package of Precious Prem, and one package contained diapers, clothes, and a guide to the NICU and other things we were looking for, but nothing on it,” Tia said. “As soon as these things were provided to us, it opened up a whole new community of which we were unaware.” On Sunday, October 24, the annual Prems Walk will be held to raise awareness for the 48,000 babies born sick or premature in Australia each year. In its 12th year, Walk for Prems is the Life’s Little Treasures Foundation’s largest fundraiser. The walk will be held in-person in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, but still not fully locked in Canberra, there will be a virtual walking option. How you do it is up to you – it could be your usual daily walk, touring around a local oval or a new place with friends and family. Everyone who registers will receive a medal, information pack and race bib. You can register at Tia, Hudson and Darcy will attend Walk for Prems. “They’ve been very helpful to us,” Tia said. “We had no idea about premature babies before Darcy was born, so it also gives us a chance to spread awareness. And we want to help this great organization that is helping us.” Our journalists work hard to bring local, up-to-date news to the community. You can continue to access our trusted content by:



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