Jonathan Majors reveals Idris Elba He convinces Kang to play The Conqueror

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Jonathan Majors reveals a Pep Talk by veteran Idris Elba helped him take over the role of Kang The Conqueror in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the biggest evil since Thanos.

Source: John Phillips / Getty

Jonathan Majors first blessed our screens in the ABC miniseries When We Rise which he was still while a student at YALE. Shortly after that debut, Majors got his first big look The last black man in San Francisco which earned him an Independent Spirit Award nomination. That movie was not so long before it premiered at Sundance in January 2019. His performance was praised by critics and would set up an epic appearance in which he is still in the middle.

The notable appearances since then include Spike Lee Da 5 Blutt and HBO’s television series Lovecraft Land. Critics could not get enough of majors Lovecraft Country, he also mentions the basis of the show and the main reason for watching it. Shortly after it was announced, the majors had landed a cast that most everyone in Hollywood is looking for, a major role with Disney and Marvel Studios.

Majors war Cast as supervillain Kang D’Conqueror, the most important evil since Thanos. While many jumped at the chance to work with Marvel, Majors revealed he was hesitant to need a friend, and fellow Marvel alumni Idris Elba | he had to be persuaded to take on the role The Ringer.

“I watched the movies. Love Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, kill it,” Majors says. “[But] I was like, ‘I do not think you want me. I do not think you want what I will do. Like, I mean, you do not want that. ‘ That was my hesitation. I was like, ‘Do you have the right black guy?’

“He’s the Idris Elba, you know, he’s a big dog, he did everything,” the majors said. “Here comes the young man, you know, and we talked about work and the inheritance of black actors and all that stuff. And he said, ‘You can do that.’ What Dwayne Johnson did with the game, what Idris Elba did with the game, what Will Smith did with the game, the idea that black men could enter a highly commercial world.

Whether it was insecurity or imposter syndrome or not, we are glad Idris was there to give him the little boost he needs. After his debut in the Disney + series LOKI it’s safe to say he was perfect for the part and fans can not get enough of him. Even if he does not de comic-con red carpet rollout, when he touches this stage, MCU fans will rush to praise his great play as “He Who Remains” aka Kang.