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Jose Abreu of the White Sox and the Royals hunter are involved in a chilling collision


Scary moment in Chicago on a Friday afternoon.

White Sox 1st captain José Abreu and Royals III Hunter Dozier are involved in a chilling collision after Dozier starts running back to the start in a popup.

Dozer put his head down and tried to race to the bag, while Abreu was coming from his defensive position to chase the volleyball. None of the players noticed each other before colliding within 30 feet of the home board.

The collision slow-motion replay shows it was a little more brutal than it initially seemed:

Both players remained on the field after the intervention. Abreu grabbed his head, while Dozer lay motionless a little before getting up.

Abreu and Wazeer will be eliminated from the match after a collision. Members of the royal family initially announced that Dozier had suffered day after day from a quadriplegic bruise and discomfort in the neck, but later placed him on the concussion list for seven days.

White Sox said (Per MLB.com) That Abreu suffered a facial bruise, a laceration, and a knee bruising. Coach Tony La Rosa told reporters that Abreu would not play in the second double-header game on Friday and it was day after day after that.

There is a lot of beef in the collision: Dozer stands at 6-4 and weighs 220lbs while the Abreu is listed at 6-3, 256. Some mistake Dozer because he didn’t walk away by Abreu because he didn’t have his car driving during his first run.

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