May 9, 2021


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Joseph Parker, seven-second knock Drake Chisora ​​is out

HDo you remember Derek Chisora? In the wake of the controversy at the press conference, a little funny cult hero known for his small coin poles, or a fierce competitor for heavyweight world titles?

We are very close to answering the question after the former world champion lost to Anthony Josha and Dillian Holte tonight.

The fighting has been going on for more than 15 months. It was due to take place in Las Vegas in October 2019, but Parker was diagnosed with a spider bite. You could say Peter Parker is better than Joseph, Chishura joked about having a breakfast with a man in a spider costume earlier this week.

It is now nine years since Chisorra’s only world champion, Vitaly Klitschko, has been fighting for 37 years. Last year he won points at the Wembley Arena with Alexander Usk.

When the balance was lost, the battle was short-lived when Chisora ​​threw a coin into the air. As a result of discussions between Chisora ​​and his mother, Viola, the common denominator prevailed on Saturday morning.

David Haye told Sky Sports: “I did not see this fight take place when Derrick first entered the ring, but a pleasant sounding sound came. “Viola – Derrick’s beloved mother – is the only person he really listens to.”

Prior to that, Katie Taylor was defending the weight of the World Cup against Natasha Jonas in the 2012 Olympics. Taylor is an undefeated champion, but Jonas has already been replaced by Vivian Obenaf in 2018.

“Tasha has lost a record in her own record, and that loss came from a knockout, so if anyone can hurt her, it’s really her,” she said.

But it will be a big battle, I really look forward to it. Two high-profile opponents confronted each other, this is the case.

Pedestrians must walk before 10:30 p.m., before Chisora ​​and Parker.