May 6, 2021


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Joseph Parker will be summoned from the first knock because he has denied the job of Derek Chishoran

When the first bell rang, Derek Chosora broke the ring and made an explosion on top of Joseph Parker seven seconds later.

The shock rise of the former world heavyweight champion should not have been expected to lead Britain to opt for a signature bull-like style. But again, Chisora ​​failed to win the battle against quality opponents, with Parker gathering late to overturn a divisive decision – with two judges (116-111 and 115-113) backing and a third to Chisora ​​(115-113).

Although Chisora ​​lacks the pace and clarity of the past, his style is the ideal currency for the world heavyweight titles of Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury.

Chishora was furious at the final defeat, saying it was “beyond treatment” and adding: “It’s a cure for boxing.”

His instinct was to describe Chisra’s work as raw, but this speculation was quickly dropped in the second round. In a recent investigation, he found a home that had been hit by a series of beatings, slowing down Parker and limiting his natural speed.

This was just the beginning of the race to remind us why Chisora’s unique character was not needed, and his aggressive style appealed to many fans.

Parker Jasha, who has been at the forefront of the sport, routinely brushes Cicera’s face, but he does not stop short of closing in on the opening stages of the tournament.

Encouraged by new coach Andy Lee before the sixth day, Parker survived, doubling his whip and finally showing his high speed.

(Mark Robinson Classroom Box)

Even a brutal eighth round prompted Chisora ​​to apologize in the corner, perhaps because the nature of his business allowed Parker to pull off the damage late enough.

As the battle drew to a close, Parker hit Chisora ​​on the right before firing on the left with a left-hand shot. This is the version of Parker that could once again threaten the champions, but Lee wonders why it took so long for him to grow.

Chisora, now determined to be exhausted, screamed with a beard and at constant angles.

(Mark Robinson Classroom Box)

But his right to cut began to delay Chishora, eventually allowing Parker to step in, form a coalition and jump out of harm’s way.

As the final round approached, Cicero’s corner begged him not to do the knockout, but that direction seemed to be dropped seconds later when the old Britain came alive, perhaps waiting for the worst if the fight went to the cards that allowed it.

Parker has been hurt by Dalia in the past, has not been able to finish Dillian Hostess in 2018, and Cessura was stunned for a moment, blinking in front of his eyes, and was surprised by his late response.

In fact, neither Joshua nor Fury will be able to sleep tonight, but Parker will have to fight another day.