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Josh Donalddson is a L.B. 2 million run to beat Royals 6-5 – WCCO


Minneapolis (AP) – Ruki Trever Larnach Homer and Rob Refsner are on a two-legged run over the Minnesota Twins to beat Kansas City Royals 6-5 on Saturday afternoon.

Nelson Cruz had a double RBI run in Josh Donald Donald’s run – the second-highest run in Major League baseball history.

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JA Happ (3-2) has won five games for the first time in five starts, but it is too late to set the Twin for the seventh time in their last nine games.

George Alcala and Tyler Duffy combined for five strikes, which was a great relief for the twins. Hansel Alberto then scored twice in the eighth round of Royals.

Adalberto Mondesi hit his first run of the season in the ninth, shooting Taylor Rogers into two rolls to put one in. Rogers secretly returned with three direct costs to secure his fourth save in six attempts.

The 31-year-old fisherman dived into the 19-yard field, beating Salpdor Perez from Hap Two-Homer by one-two. Perez, who played in the nominated shootout, had the most home runs per visitor during his 12 seasons in downtown Bale Park.

Hap allowed the 38-year-old’s right wrist to be allowed only three times when necessary. He has conceded 19 runs in the previous three starts and 13 innings in 24 innings.

The Royals gave Ervin Santana (0-1) their second start of the season. The former twins’ right hand was dragged after a four-legged walk in the fourth round and charged with three runs.

Larnach hit the third home run of the season with a single drive in the second.

Round and round

According to the Major League Baseball, Donald Johnson represents the 2 millionth run in major league history as he crossed the Cruz ground on the right-hand side of the first circle. Of these, Donalddson reached 685.

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Tim McGinley of Boston Red Stocks Linn The first race was recorded on April 22, 1876. Bob Watson On May 4, 1975, he won the 1st Million Race for the Houston Astros.

fill out

The audience was 18,444, the largest population of the time in the field. The twins are currently operating at 60% capacity with stable COVID-19 protocols. Ticket sales in July will be 80% in June before lifting the limit.

Coaching class

ROYALS: RFJ George Soler, who won two games on Friday to stop the 0-to-21 relegation, was ruled out of the first round in a comfortable right thigh.

Twins: FF Max Kepler left the game with a left foot injury after the second round. ች Chicago White Sox RHP Juan Minya, 30, who has played in 125 professional games, has risen above the three-point St. Paul. RPP Cody Stashk was downloaded with 6.89 Ira.


Royals: RHP Brad Keller (4-4, 5.72 ERA) takes the hump for the final game of the series. The top seven entries of the season entered last season last Monday. Keller allowed seven runs in 4 1/3 innings in a May 2 loss in Minnesota.

Twin: RHP Matt Shoemaker (2-5, 5.48 ERA) will get up on Sunday afternoon. It starts for the first time this year with six or more innings and three runs or less in consecutive quality.

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