Josh Duggar: How Will He Spend Thanksgiving in Jail?!?

Let’s be very clear:

What Josh Duggar does on Thanksgiving is as far down on our list of concerns as pretty much anything can get.

The guy molested his own sisters and cheated on his wife and was found guilty last December of downloading sexually explicit material of children under age 12.

He deserves to spend the holidays all alone.

This undated photo provided by Washington County (Ark), Detention Center shows Josh Duggar. A federal judge has sentenced reality TV’s Duggar to about 12 1/2 years in prison for his conviction on one count of receiving child pornography. Prosecutors had asked the court to sentence the former “19 Kids and Counting” star on Wednesday, May 25, 2022, to the maximum 20 years. (Washington County Detention Center via AP)

But we’re a celebrity gossip website and people have questions, so it’s our responsibility to pass along some answers.

In this case, In Touch Weekly has done the research into FCI Seagoville, the federal prison in Texas that Duggar will call home for at least the next decade.

According to a menu obtained by this tabloid, inmates will be served fruit, bran flakes, breakfast pastries, whole wheat bread, jelly, margarine pats, sugar substitute packs and milk for breakfast on Thanksgiving this year.

This is a more extensive selection than what they typically see each morning.

The lunch menu, meanwhile, will include split turkey breast, baked ham, sweet potato casserole, cornbread dressing, vegetable lasagna or vegetable meatloaf, green bean casserole, dinner rolls or whole wheat bread, assorted holiday pies, fruit, cranberry sauce and a beverage.

Finally, for dinner… no turkey.

Instead, Duggar and his fellow inmates will have to option to eat a deli sandwich, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, potato chips, dessert and fruit, whole wheat bread and a drink.

For this special occasion, activities available will include watching various movies and eating popcorn.

Josh and Anna Duggar in happier times. (Photo via Instagram)

The prison’s Recreation Department will offer games such as bingo, board games and card games.

If the weather is nice, the inmates will be able to play in a 3-on-3 basketball tournament.

As you very likely know by now, Josh Duggar was arrested in April 2021 and pleaded not guilty to receiving and possessing child pornography.

He was found guilty by a jury of his peers in December and then sentenced to 12.5 years behind bars in May.

Josh Duggar in jail, where he belongs. (Photo via NBC)

Anna Duggar has said next to nothing since her husband’s arrest, but insiders say she’s maybe thinking of leaving him at least.

“The Duggar family fully supports Anna, but it’s complicated,” a source previously told In Touch.

“There are a lot of hurt feelings over what Josh did.

“She still attends family functions because her kids love their cousins, aunts and uncles, but it’s not the same for Anna.”

big josh
Josh Duggar is a horrible person. (Photo via Instagram)

Anna also wants to move closer to the prison, reports have indicated, partly because she’s been clashing with her in-laws.

“It started after some family members spoke out about Josh’s arrest,” a separate source told In Touch, adding last month:

“Anna took it as a betrayal and she’s still not ready to fully forgive some family members.

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