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JR will launch the next project at the Pyramids in Giza


Art of JR in the main courtyard of the Louvre Museum on March 30, 2019. Chesnot/Getty Images

Globally renowned French artist JR has been particularly prolific over the years, and now, the aspiring creative has a new project on horizon:JR announced that he will be building a new project at the iconic Pyramid in Giza, Cairo, in October. More recently, JR attracted attention for his installation on the Eiffel Tower in Paris. For that particular project, JR built a massive trompe-loil beneath the iconic tower that appears as if a canyon is opening up underneath it. However, it is not yet clear what JR will do with the Giza pyramids.

“This is not a photomontage … but a work of art in October can be a photo collage,” artist wrote on instagram. Of course, JR has long been known for his large-scale collages; The artist and his team put up a billboard in San Francisco in 2019 with a collection of images of faces seen all over town. Also, with his Brooklyn Museum exhibition “JR: Chronicles,” the artist put together a monumental masterpiece called history of new york city which was similar in format to the San Francisco billboard.

If collage is one theme that runs continuously through JR’s output, then its proximity to the giant pyramids is certainly another. In 2019, the artist also arranged thousands of pieces of paper in the Louvre’s iconic Paris Courtyard; This created a visual effect that transformed the museum’s pyramidal entrance into a massive, ancient-feeling structure that subsided into the Earth’s surface crust.

Like KAWS, whose latest project includes its huge take partner Hot air ballooning around the world, JR thrives in a maximal zone, and he trades in bombardment rather than subtlety. “I’ve never been so excited to work on a project, it’s an incredible site and I can’t wait to be back at Pyramid for installation,” said JR art newspaper While discussing his upcoming Giza outing.

JR will launch his next project at the iconic Pyramid in Giza

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