May 9, 2021


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JuJu Smith-Schuster says the Packers have been mingling to sign him this season

In an exclusive interview with FanSided, Pittsburgh Steelers broadcaster JuJu Smith-Schuster revealed that the Green Bay Packers were in the mix to sign him.

At the start of the new league year, the football world was watching Pittsburgh Steelers JuJu Smith-Schuster broadband receiver, arriving at Free Agency. After exploring his options, Smith-Schuster decided to re-sign the Steelers to a one-year contract. We know the Kansas City Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens They were in the mix for his services, But it looks like there was another team in the run.

In an exclusive interview with FanSided, Smith-Schuster revealed that Green Bay Packers He wanted to sign it. However, the broad recipient indicated that the team had no money left after the team re-signed Aaron Jones on the back.

They were even Aaron [Jones] Occurred. “There was no money left after that,” said Smith Shuster.

Packers: Green Bay has been racing for Jojo Smith Shuster this off-season

With this update from Smith-Schuster, Packers fans will no doubt wonder if the signature on the Wide Receiver might prevent Drama currently underway Between the team and the quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Given that the Packers had little money to spend overseas, General Manager Brian Gutekunst had to choose between keeping the center Corey Linsley or Jones. The back-to-back star of Packers has succeeded, as it is He was awarded a four-year contract worth $ 48 million. As for Linsley, he secured a $ 62.5 million contract with Los Angeles Chargers in a five-year deal.

Smith Shuster was knocking out his impressive 2020 season, picking up 97 goals out of 128 goals for 831 yards and nine touchdowns, the last of his career. In the Steelers’ Wild Card Round match against Cleveland Browns, Smith-Schuster scored 13 receptions for 157 yards and a touchdown 48-37 loss.

After enjoying his options, Smith Shuster decided to re-engage with Pittsburgh in a one-year deal worth $ 8 million. With another strong campaign in 2021, the broadcaster should order a profitable contract for the upcoming season.

So there you have it, Packers fans: The team was interested in signing Smith Shuster this off-season. But it did not bear fruit.

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