Home Uncategorized Julianne Moore, 60, and Bart Friedlich, 51, love her 18-year-old husband.

Julianne Moore, 60, and Bart Friedlich, 51, love her 18-year-old husband.


Julienne Moore fell in love with Bart Friedlich in New York City on Monday.

The 60-year-old film star and director, 51, was delighted after ordering a relaxed mask at the West Village Prevention and Prevention Center and giving social distance instructions to people who had been fully vaccinated with COVID-19.

Julienne and Bart smiled as they walked down the Manhattan sidewalk for dinner.

Outside and about: Julianne Moore left New York City on Monday with her husband, Bart Friendly. The 60-year-old star and director enjoyed a one-night stand at the 51-year-old West Village Prevention and Prevention Center after giving relaxed mask orders and social distance guidance to people who had been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Hannibal’s actress was wearing a pair of high-heeled jeans in a simple wash, and she was in a beautiful dress.

She slipped her V-line black shirt into her jeans and wore a long black blouse to give her a sporty edge.

Julien’s signature happy hair fell over her shoulder as she laughed with Bart as she watched her beloved.

Happy: Julie and Bart walk across Manhattan for dinner, smiling.

Moore is available in a number of gold earrings, including one with a hovering heart.

Carrying a camel-colored leather bag on one shoulder, she was carrying a sporty mule.

Bart was also carelessly wearing a light blue long-sleeved shirt with a loose-fitting collar.

Taking in the fresh air Both Julian and Bart wore black masks under their cheeks

He also wore blue jeans with white and black Adidas sneakers.

After the wedding, the director wore black sunglasses in front of his shirt and played a gray baseball cap emblazoned with the American flag.

As Julian and Bart walked, they wore black masks under their hips.

Falling in Love: They met in 1996 in Bart’s first full-length film, Fingerprints. Appeared in 1997

The couple They were married in August 2003 and share two children with Caleb 23 and 19 years old.

They met in In 1996, Julian was involved in the first full-length Bart collection of fingerprints.

Moore is one of Eight Friendlych’s eight feature films: Fingerprint Legender, World Travel (2001), Trust Man (2005) After the Wedding (2019) and the upcoming “In” in June.

Teamwork: Moore in Friendlych’s eight-dimensional film Fingerprint Legends (1997, Photography), World Travel (2001), Trust the Man (2005), Post-Wedding (2019) and With The Next, released in June

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