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June 3, 2021 – Wed News


“I hear you have a new girlfriend,” I told Cynic.

“I got it at a chess club,” Cy nodded.

“Don’t tell me,” I sighed. “He made the first move.”

The opening lead – the first step in the play – can affect the way the announcer works. Let’s say West leads the Jack of Hearts against today’s Four of Spades. Take the ace and lead the ace and less club. Win return of hearts in dummy, ruff a club, draw trump and ruff the last club. Then leave your heart.

If the former wins, it must lead the diamond to avoid accepting the rough-sluff, and you can expect to guess correctly. (As cards lie down, you go down, doing your best.)

heart rate

Now let’s say West leads the jack of clubs, so the defenders don’t threaten to set up a rapid heart move. Take the ace, lead a trump in your hand and return a low diamond to the jack of the dummy.

When there is a queen in the west, you can make a diamond winner to take the heart out of the dummy. If the former had a queen, you would move the diamond to your king in the latter.

daily question

You hold: s 6 3 HQ 8 4 d 9 8 7 6 2 CKQ 7. Your partner opens a club, you answer a diamond and he bids a heart. what do you say?

Answer: No act is tempting, but you shouldn’t miss a heart when your partner can have 18 points and three honors in your suit. The game is still possible. Two clubs bid. Your partner may have opened with a “ready bid” on a three-card suit, but then he has to draw as much of himself as he can.

south dealer

ns weak


class 10 8 4

HK 7 3

dj 5

ca 8 5 4


s 5 2

HJ 1092

DAQ 10

cj 1093


s 6 3

HQ 8 4

d 9 8 7 6 2



sock 97

ha 6 5

dk 4 3

c 6 2

south west northeast
1s pass 3s pass
4s all pass

Opening Lead — Select This

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