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Jürgen Klopp talks about Sadio Mane Snoop after Liverpool’s victory over Manchester United


Jürgen Klopp at a press conference. (Photo by Getty Images)

Liverpool Director, Jurgen Klopp defend Sadio Mane After he was ignored by the Senegalese striker in the wake of the Reds’ victory over Manchester United on Thursday night.

Mane started the match on the bench as Liverpool won 4-2 at Old Trafford after a double by Roberto Firmino plus goals from Diogo Jota and Mohamed Salah.

Mane was brought in 16 minutes before the end of the match but with the teams returning to the tunnel after the final whistle, Mane refused a handshake offer from the Liverpool manager.

The Liverpool striker was criticized for disrespecting his boss, but Klopp played down the incident.

“The thing is, if someone shows me respect five million times and doesn’t do it once, then what’s the most important?” Klopp said on Friday.

“The world is in a position to make that one time too big. Unfortunately this is the case.

“I hope your boss won’t forget if you don’t show him respect once so that he doesn’t forget about the other things.

“Even when I’m talking about it now, I can actually see the headlines that are coming out of it.

Jürgen Klopp talks about Sadio Mane Snoop after Liverpool's victory over Manchester United 1 Sportilo
Jürgen Klopp defended Sadio Mane after the striker was photographed ignoring his handshake. (Photo by Getty Images)

“But that’s not the case, I’m totally comfortable about it. If you’ve ever seen me as a player, what I did out of passion was crazy, and I’m a totally normal guy.”

“We’ll talk about it and it will be sorted, that’s it.”

When asked if he has apologized, Klopp replied: “You have a really great job, that’s the thing you care most about.

“Football is an emotional game, and everyone expects us to always control our emotions, and it does not always work, that is the case.

“It happened to me as a player, it happened to the other players when I was their coach, and we still haven’t had a real opportunity to talk about it, but we will do it and there will be nothing left, everything will be fine.

“These things happen. It’s not the first time in my life and I’m afraid to say it won’t be the last time.”

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