Jussi Jaaskelainen reviews his time at Bolton Wanderers

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JUSSI Jaaskelainen sings his time Bolton means “everything” both in his life and in his football career.

Joined by Jaaskelainen whites He made more than 500 appearances for the club in November 1997.

The goalkeeper returned to UniBol to take part in the MND appeal of Gethin Jones, who played the first half for Bolton All Star XI.

And he was so excited to be able to take the field and play in front of the loyal Wanderers once again.

“It means everything to me in my football career and everything in my life, I guess,” said Jaaskelainen.

My sons were born here and it’s been our family home for 23 years so great memories and great to go back to.

“You go from day to day and week to week and try to learn and play your football as best you can.

“All in all it has been a great journey, especially to spend 14 or 15 years of my football career here, so this is a special place and a special journey.”

Jaaskelainen was part of the team that finished sixth in the Premier League in 2005 under Sam Allardyce.

The goalkeeper praised his former boss and said he gave them “the best opportunity” to succeed.

“We were a team with some ups and downs for a few years, but then what Sam did here stabilized the football club and got them into the Premier League and came to Europe as well.

“He will take care of us. He asked a lot of the players, we had a lot of backroom staff.

“Everything from life to football has given us the best possible opportunity to play that football at a high level every week.

“There’s a lot of people behind the scenes. Obviously I had a good (goalkeeping) coach here and Sam came, brought more players. But of course he helped me a lot.”

During his time at Bolton, Jaaskelainen shared a dressing room with the likes of Jay Jay Okocha and Ivan Campo, and said he was a great squad to be a part of.

“We had a lot of game winners on the field and players who could deliver quality football every week,” said the goalkeeper.

“Things went well. Sam and the back room staff did a great job getting the players here and were able to get the most out of them as well.

“Some players were having a little drop in form but the science behind it and what we did was good.”

Jaaskelainen is still following Bolton and admits it’s hard to see them on the verge of liquidation in 2019.

But he is satisfied with the progress the club has made over the past few years and insists they are on the road again.

“The important thing is that we got through some bad years,” he added.

“We have new owners now and it wasn’t the best start of last season but we got promoted to the Premier League.

“Now we can start rebuilding, which is good.”