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Justin Jefferson owes apologies to the cousins, but not for reasons you might think


The history of the Minnesota Vikings is filled with utmost optimism with half-truths when it comes to the team and especially the midfielder position. For a team that hasn’t started until recently the same midfield in all 16 games in successive seasons, nor does he design and develop one, obviously unfinished passers-by like Teddy Bridgewater, Case Keenum, and now Kellen Mond (if he’s “weird” when he goes deep into college, how could he Does it do the same in Pro?) Rises to Legendary Mode very soon.

Again, it comes from an understandable place. It’s a wishful thinking from a fan base who has been starving for the most important position in all professional sports, except for a few feet in retirement cemetery like Brett Favre, Warren Moon and Randall Cunningham.

Enter Kirk “I get paid market price for my services” cousins. It’s everything you’d expect from a fan of Vikings. He is not, though, as his objective error has diminished in this context as the cousins ​​proved to be adept most of the time at a team facing much bigger problems.

I’ve discussed “Never Cousins-ers” in the ad nauseous fanbase and although it’s always a good source for clicks (which if you’re going to believe those from the #BillsMafia message board community, that’s why the same news covers everyone else else who does?), That’s not the topic of an article. Today.

A good acting of my NC appeared on The VikingsTerritory Breakdown this week, our KDLM Sports radio show.

The collapse of the Vikings – the rejecting cousins

Today I wanted to address the persistent disrespect that cousins ​​receive from their peers. Some are transparent, similar to the RG “I’ve swapped out cousins, and if he’s vagrant, what makes me so ?!” The third, who (only) delivered his name in the news recently by speaking badly to his cousins.

“Yeah, I can tell you that eighth-place Minnesota isn’t really happy at the moment,” Griffin said. “Because Kelon Mond represents exactly what he does not do well. Kelon Mond is a great physical midfielder. He can run it, throw it all over the field, and I don’t think that’s something that No. 8 can do at Cousins ​​in Minnesota. But, I think that’s what it is.” Looking for training staff and management. “

Can Kelon Mond “throw it everywhere”? Mother. Not according to NFL.com:

Let’s brake the Mond-hype train, shall we?

Then you have players like Justin. “I just had the best recent NFL rookie season ever thanks to the perfectly pitched balls delivered by the cousins ​​and despite playing in the first half / Avoiding the high-risk / Dunk and Dunk attack.

RGIII one thing. It’s funny as much as it is personal. But for Jefferson to answer this way about his cousins ​​while participating in a nationally distributed TV show (which is often found because Colin Crowd needs an argument in between serial murders (I suppose from his heterogeneous atmosphere)) after the season he just had is science Red is huge and needs to be handled by the team themselves.

Far from a member of the media slamming an unresponsive player with the highly trained exemplary footballer, we all speak out for his denunciations, but that’s not great for … anyone. Now, I’m sure some of you are ready to comment that the Cousins ​​is an adult guy who makes good money to be at a high standard, but I don’t mean the team needs to address this for the sake of the cousins’ feelings. .

I mean, they need to do that before Jefferson switches over to Stefon Diggs 2.0, unless that has already happened. She once shot the popular Vikings character on social media (still, to some extent) because (among other things) he kept mocking the content of his peers on social media. I’ve repeatedly asked for this to be mitigated because we already get enough / most negativity from people outside of our writing team.

The same goes for Jefferson, cousins, and Vikings. Cousins ​​clearly get it from all angles. One of those corners shouldn’t be his teammates either. why? Because this kind of hostility can poison the locker room and if Jefferson and the cousins ​​are not on the same page or if “jokes” like “Jefferson are fixing zero goals in 2021, is that absolutely true? That’s terrible news for the team.”

Our cousins ​​don’t shock me because they’re the type to insert emotions into his readings (like “Well Jet is wide open but it hurts my feelings”), but the fact that he should ignore these comments and feelings is an issue.

The Vikings seemed to get lucky when they emptied and replaced the Diggs in the field promotion which is Jefferson. Let’s hope we can keep saying that they also promoted off the field because the team needs the foul to enter the elite circuit in 2021 and that kind of self-distraction doesn’t help.

It is also completely wrong. Jefferson was not part of the game plan during weeks 1 and 2, but then he was an increasing part who was able to smash the above records thanks to Cousins’ bravery under fire, mobility, efficiency and accuracy.

The viral hot microphone moment of Jefferson screaming at / about Cousins ​​is a perfect microcosm of the situation where Cousins’ pocket collapsed almost instantly from the right side, which meant the cousins ​​had to zap left and throw his body while doing so.

Jefferson couldn’t see / know this, but that’s why you’re giving your QB the benefit of the doubt. This was written off as a “heat of the moment” from a “fierce competitor.” Cowherd’s interview wasn’t hot at the moment.

Let’s hope this gets dealt with and ends up being one in Jefferson’s long career at Mini. Because if his arrogance continues, it may only mean bad things for the Vikings, especially when he apparently gets what he wants and trades Cousins’ Top 2-3 ALL-TIME accuracy for “diminishing Mond returns”.

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